11 Important Things That A Pakistani Sister Wants Her Brother To Know

By Momina Mindeel | 21 Jul, 2016

The ubiquity of “boys will be boys” has always plagued our society. Your brothers are expected to be carefree, boisterous and bossy. However, what needs to be understood is that boys in general and your brothers in particular, are not irresponsible or bossy by nature. It is your society and parents who have made them believe so.

In order to put an end to “boys will be boys”, here’s something all brothers need to know, they come straight from a “sister”:


1. Asking me to draw curtains on my side of the car on a traffic signal will not stop the habitual cat-callers from doing what they do.

Source: Pinterest
Via: Pinterest

They are not going to stop and reacting to their looks will only encourage someone who’s looking to scare you. Let me enjoy the scenery, in peace.


2. Don’t assume I’m your personal butler. If you are hungry, go make yourself a sandwich. It is not rocket science. 

Source: Wiki How
Source: Wiki How

Just apply some jam on a piece of bread and there you go (No shit, Sherlock).


3. Honestly brother, you have no authority over my life choices. I am absolutely capable of doing that myself.

Via: Tumblr

You are not my guardian. And if my parents can trust me enough to let me do whatever I’m doing, you need to let go off too. I am 22 or 24 or whatever, remember?


4.My plans with friends are not conditional on your ijazat. Ammi abba hain us kay liye, remember? 

Source: Acacia Brinley Via: Twitter
Source: Acacia Brinley Via: Twitter


5. You can always ask my advice about your girlfriends/crushes. It is absolutely natural.

Source: YouTube
Via: YouTube


6. And no, I will not use them against you during an argument… or maybe I’ll just tell aapa about this crush of yours.

Source: Soham Rockstar Productions

I will be a good sister if you stop being insecure yourself. Promise.


7. Please know that this is absolute gibberish.

Source: Whisper
Source: Whisper

I am certainly not going to give up my right to find a man of my choice just because of your insecurities. Ouch.


8. Talking loudly on phone in public or singing my heart out at home does not make me less of a woman. No, I don’t have to be dheemi to qualify as a girl. 

Source: Worldwide Pants

I am naturally loud and this is my normal tone, just relax about it.


9.  We all have an equal right on the Ghar ki gaari. You cannot just take it wherever you want, whenever you want. 

Source: Keep Calm O Matic
Source: Keep Calm O Matic


10. I really want you to grow as a person so start spending more time with your friends. We can take care of ourselves, back home. 

Source: Shiny Toy Guns

I appreciate your concern but I want you to be the boss of your own life, not mine.


11. I will always be there for you.

Just stop trying to control my life, okay?

Source: Quick Meme
Source: Quick Meme

Love you, bhaiya.


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