Here's Why Pakistani Guys Make The Best Brothers In The Whole World

By Sadia Khan | 2 Oct, 2015

Pakistani boys waqayi best brothers hotay hian kiya?

There is something very special about a desi brother, they might act too macho sometimes, but always have a soft corner in their heart for their sisters. Here are just some of the reasons why Pakistan guys make the best brothers in the world.


Pakistani boys are the best brothers because they are your bodyguards

Nothing can make a girl feel more secure than a bara bhai. He is always ready to deal with any of your demons. Especially that guy who doesn’t stop staring at you. Or the so many others who won’t hesitate to touch or say or do unimaginable things to you.

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They are a guide for you to navigate life in the big bad world and that’s exactly what makes them the best brothers

Your brother will always guide you through your life problems. From the first day at college to your first ever job interview, he will be telling you the entire do’s and don’t’s. 

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They are the mechanic/electrician/plumber/tech genius you don’t have to pay for.

A girl should always be thankful to her brother for introducing her to the hi-tech stuff so she doesn’t make a fool out of herself with others around. They are always there to fix everything for you, let it be the old laptop of yours, that leaky faucet in your bathroom or the new cell phone you just got.

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Source: IRK Films


They are the prankster you need at all the right times.

It seems unreal sometimes, how do they manage to cheer us up every single time? It gets very hard to keep a straight face when someone is consistently trying to change that frown of yours into a smile.

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Oh, the endless lame jokes they crack all the time. They can make up a joke in no time about anything. Like literally, ANYTHING AT ALL!

They are your confidant a.k.a secret saheli

I think it is really sweet how they suddenly become your best friend when you need to share something really personal. It gets so easy because they try their best to solve it out for us.

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They are your fashion critics.

Why would a guy want to hear about how you want your eid dress to be? Or how that tailor of yours messed up the sleeves of your new kurti? But that’s where your brother comes in. He is your go-to ‘guy’s opinion’. You have trained him well over the years to develop the fashion sense to know what works.

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If they are earners, they are also your personal wallet.

Whenever you want to buy something and you know really well that your parents won’t approve of it, there’s your brother, right there.

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Just know how to manipulate him the right way 😉

Because they’re the best brothers, they are your chauffeurs and your driving instructors

Why do they not get tired of being the taxi service for their sisters?
Bhai, can you drop me at Rida’s?”
Bhai, I need a ride to the university today.”
It just never stops and they hardly complain.

Source: ARY Films

And if you’re a good driver then the credit goes to your brother. And if you are not so good, well, then blame him, of course!

They are your personal butler

All you need is to send a text message to them and ask to bring whatever your stomach desires for. Your brothers are for your service, after all.

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They have simple demands because they’re the best brothers

Whenever a crazy fight breaks out between you two, your brothers will always be the one to say sorry because they are lazy and need someone to make chai for them. That’s all they are ever going to ask for from you: a cup of  tea.

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They are always there to cheer you up, talk to you or just be there for whenever you need someone – just like the best brothers they are

They don’t care if it is late at night or they’re tired after a long day. All that they need is  your approval and you can go on long drives with them or eat out at a favorite place.

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Brothers are a blessing. Go hug yours and don’t forget to pinch the monster for all the times he teased you. Or tugged at your ponytail.


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