11 Important Questions A Pakistani Brother Wants To Ask His Sister

By Ayesha Bibi | 25 Jun, 2016

The bond of a brother and sister is quite a unique one. It is very much a love-hate relationship, even though it mostly is love. brothers annoy their sisters to no end by asking “paani la do” “chai pila do” or intentionally criticizing the food that the sisters so painstakingly create for them, the sisters, too, are mischief makers when it comes to creating nuisance in their darling bhai jaans’ lives.

Following are a few of the things all Pakistani brothers want their sisters to know and an inside info: Great obstacles were cleared by the author in order to coax her brothers into spilling these beans 🙂


1. What is the exact address of where you want to go, because I am not your professional taxi driver?

Whether you wished to be dropped off at Salma/Rubina/Rukhsana’s place we really don’t care as long as you understand the address properly and give us directions better than “wo baray walay billboard k paas hai uska ghar”. Trust us, it is THE most annoying thing you can ever do.

Source: Tumblr


2. Why does every dupatta of yours have to get professional peeko that only I can get?

Why in the world are women obsessed with dupattas and the hundred different kinds of peekos that come along with it. Why cannot our mothers and sisters understand that it is embarrassing telling your best friend you’d be late for a hangout because you are languishing away outside a peeko walay ki dookan.

Source: Tumblr


3. Is it really important to tell abu jee every time you see smoking?

Every. Damn. Time. You don’t know the pressures a guy faces of being the ultimate cool dude, so if you happen to come across a picture of us having a smoke or two (all because of peer pressure, though) DO NOT become a point scorer and run off to papa jee faster than a Honda CD70. -__-

Source: MangoBaaz


4. Why is it that every time I leave for the market you have a craving for nimko or ice cream?

Its like your internal clock has an alarm for hunger that goes off every time we are about to set foot outside the home. And you know whats even worse? The fact that we have to pay for these untimely snacks from our own pockets.

Source: okmagazine.com.pk


5. Why do I have to be your official food taster?

We might appreciate ghar ki daal but that’s strictly applicant to mommy dearest. We attain no joy from being you personal guinea pigs for trial and error therefore keep your culinary innovations to yourself. We are cool with mama’s khana.

Source: Oriental Films


6. Why do you have to fight for the remote every time I have something to watch of my own?

We all know what happens in cases like this. Basically Game of Thrones is reenacted over the TV remote, amma hears us. A loooonnngggg lecture ensues and neither of us gets to watch our desired program. So wouldn’t it have been better had you not opened your big mouth in the first place.

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7. Why are you so disorganized?

MAKE A LIST. The wait that we have to endure while you stand at your darzi’s dukaan and try to remember what it was you were supposed to buy next, takes its toll on us. However we do enjoy your obvious discomfort *smirking*.

Source: Showcase Productions


8. Why do you always get to be Abba jee‘s favorite?

Yeah we know you’re daddy’s “pwincess” but please don’t go on acting like you own the whole world and we are slave to all your commands.

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9. Why are you such a good blackmailer every time I tell you a secret?

Like how we might gate crash a friends party or go on a date or let you in on the girl we want to impress. All this is classified information and not to be used as a blackmailing tool if and when we are not on better terms. Respect our privacy.

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


10. Why do you think I have a crush on all your friends?

We could just be friends you know. A mere affectionate wave to a person of opposite gender does not mean you should start preparing for a bhabi.

Via: deenga.com


11. You do know that despite how annoying you are, I will always love you?

Not like you can change brothers, anyway. So bear with us. And our lame pranks. And our goofy ways to make you laugh because in the end we are all one big happy family 🙂

Source: Tumblr


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