We Asked Pakistani Men What TV Dramas They Watch, And Here Are Their Answers

By Arslan Athar | 29 Nov, 2018

Pakistani Dramas are often thought to be marketed and made for Pakistani women. A lot of these shows air during the day, and these shows have characteristically been watched by housewives. Khair, it’s 2018 and times are changing.  While earlier on, some men might have a been shy with their TV watching habits, now it’s something that people engage with and discuss on public and online forums, like Facebook and Twitter.

Through conversations, I’ve had with my own friends and with our lovely ShowSha audience online, I’ve come up with a list of the most popular dramas among men. 

Plus I was able to get information about WHY they liked it too.

1. Suno Chanda 

A lot of men seemed to have liked and enjoyed the Ramazan comedy show, mostly because it was lighthearted for a majority of the program. Some people associate their liking of the show towards the fact they had been fasting the entire day. But in general, people were drawn to this show because of its comedy, comedy that had been missing in the Pakistani scene for a while.

Source: MD Productions

2. Humsafar’ 

Humsafar’ was definitely not a name I was expecting to see come up but here we are. For a lot of people at that time, ‘Humsafar’ was the first good drama they had seen in a while, thus explaining the type of hype and buzz that was created around it. The pairing of Mahira and Fawad was another factor that made the show so attractive for some; they were young actors, and definitely a breath of fresh air in the industry.

Source: MD Productions

3. ‘Jackson Heights’ 

The show revolved around life abroad and the struggles of making it there. This major part of the plot is what attracted a lot of male watchers. The show was ‘real’ and less about the stereotypical drama that usually plays out in these dramas.

Source: Dawn.com

4. ‘Baaghi‘ 

This show had a lot of hype associated with it, which is why there was such a huge following for it. Another reason a lot of guys gave for watching this show was the cast and how they were excited to see them perform in this story.

Source: Urdu 1

5. ‘Khaani‘ 

A lot of guys admittedly started watching it after the women in their lives began to rave about it. They were attracted by Feroze Khan, who has a large male following, considering his focus on fitness, and the constant stream of gym selfies. His character and its evolution was also another factor to why they followed the show so keenly.

Source: 7th Sky Entertainment

6. ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie‘ 

Unsurprisingly, a lot of responses that I got referred to this show. Growing up, almost every Pakistani has seen this show. Young boys at the time were drawn because it showed the life of a fighter pilot, it was a world that was every boy’s dream.

Source: PTV

7. The ‘Ki Ayegi Baraat’ series 

Yes, it was definitely a series built on shaadis but at its core, it was a family show, which was why a lot of men ended up watching it too. Everyone enjoyed the drama, trying to find themselves in the whacky friends and family displayed in the show.

Source: GEO Entertainment

8. Diyar E Dil’ 

This drama attracted men, in particular, because of its focus on relationships and family; be it father and son, or brothers. There were very few shows that focused on this dynamic and it was interesting for men to engage with that, and see how their lives and their relationships compared to that.

Source: MD Productions

9. ‘O Rangreza’ 

A lot of people who responded to our Instagram stories said that Sajal’s character, Sassi. Her outspokenness and sassy attitude drew a lot of people and kept them hooked.

Source: HUM TV

It seems like men watch Pakistani dramas because their wives/sisters/mom is talking about it, or because a celebrity they follow on social media is starring in it. Which dramas did you thoroughly enjoy watching? Let us know in the comments 🙂


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