The Assistant Commissioner In Peshawar Brought Her New Born Baby To Work And Pakistanis Are Completely Impressed

By Biya Haq | 29 Nov, 2018

That is one strong Mama.

We all know that Pakistani women are some of the most formidable women out there. They are intensely caring, compromising and completely fierce. Unfortunately, this is something we don’t always appreciate -, especially in a working woman.

However, it seems as though one such lady is reminding the entire nation.

The Assistant Commissioner in Peshawar, Sarah Tawab just brought her 5-month old baby to work.

And Naya Pakistan is welcoming her with open arms.

In a country like Pakistan and a still-growing society like ours, it has always been difficult for Mother’s to progress and flourish in their careers. Whether it be because of societal/familial pressures or even inhospitable work environments – let’s just say it has never been easy.

However, thanks to Twitter, Pakistanis are giving credit where credit is due by tweeting and spreading the images of Tawab and her adorable 5-month old out doing her duties as Commissioner.

Suffice to say, Sarah and her commitment to her job as well as her little baby are winning hearts all over the country.

Just because a woman has a baby, it doesn’t mean that she loses her own identity. Sure, she has to make some room for the role of a Mother, but both can live in harmony side by side. Women can do anything and everything and eventually, the whole world is going to see how true that is. For now, Sarah has begun the footwork.

What do you think of the images? Of Sarah’s baby’s day out? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.


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Cover photo source: @SyedShahzadaly Via Twitter

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