21 Of The Most Painfully Heartbreaking Moments For Pakistani Guys

By Sarmad Amer | 4 Mar, 2016

Pakistani guys may be some of the most attractive in the world according to some surveys but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a seena with a beating heart inside. In fact, Pakistani guys are such intense beings that sometimes they take a rather measly moment a little too strongly.


Here are some of the most intensely painful heartbreaking moments for Pakistani guys:


1. When your biscuit doesn’t necessarily make the best companion to your chai


2. When your Whatsapp message ticks don’t turn blue as soon as you send the message


3. Or worse, when they are blue but you’re still waiting for a reply


4. When you’re not so “smart” with exam preparation


5. When bae’s playing hide and seek and it’s not a game anymore


6. And when they ignore you


7. When people have questions about your love life and you’re single AF


8. When you want to torrent that latest Game of Thrones episode but you have PTCL broadband

9. When your food options are limited


10. Or when you’re awake late at night and your stomach starts growling


11. When you’re air-kissing bae over the phone and your phone dies


12. When Facebook makes others’ lives seem so much cooler than your own


13. When you’re a tea snob but it’s not been made to your preference


14. When Lala’s not ‘boom booming’ anymore


15. When social media rules your life


16. When your selfie pout is having an off day

17. When all your phupho-hating gets you in trouble


18. When friends show their selfish side


19. Or when they are set on ruining your life

By ruining your GPA


20. When you have to think of yet another excuse for being late


21. And the biggest heartbreaking moment for desi boys



Cover Image via: dawn.com

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