Pakistani Fans Are Chanting ‘Jai Hind' To Support Indian Cricket Team In The Match Against England

By Noor | 30 Jun, 2019

So, the points table for the World Cup 2019 has become more interesting than ever. Australia, India, New Zealand have bagged the first three positions respectively while Pakistan has finally acquired spot number 4. Now, what will make the situation more thrilling are the upcoming matches which will definitely change the spots held by the teams.


In order to ensure that Pakistan qualifies for the semis, it is extremely important for India to win against England today



This automatically means that Pakistan’s qualification for the semis is dependent upon India’s win today which makes it obvious that ALL the Team Green fans are supporting the Indian cricket team


People mentioned that the ENTIRE subcontinent will support India today because Bangladesh and Sri Lanka also have hopes for semi finals based on this one match


People are joking that India has the responsibility to take revenge from ex-invaders of the subcontinent even though England has given a tough target to India


Pakistanis became the mausami supporters of the Indian cricket team and are chanting Jai Hind in support of India


They even expressed their love for Kohli


Match ho aur memes na hon?! Impossible


People stated that they were divided by the border but they are united by cricket


They asserted that this is indeed a rare moment


Pakistanis asked the Indian cricket team to pay the price of Abhinandan’s chai by winning this match


A few also drew a comparison of being a supporter of Team Pakistan and Team India

They pointed out that it’s easier to know that India will definitely be able to perform well while chasing the target score.


People said keh waqaye lagaan vibes arahe hain


Even Jawaharlal Nehru, Jinnah and other people from the history mentioned that they are supporting India today, LOL

So, are you watching the match? Are you supporting India too? Let us know in the comments below.


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