Here's What Pakistani Dramas Taught Me About Parents

By Sarah Babar | 30 Jan, 2018

Who doesn’t love their parents? There are so many people out there who are blessed with amazing parents. But like human beings, parents come in all forms, too. And if I’ve learnt one thing from Pakistani dramas, it’s the different variety of parents that we find around the country. So we look at these adorable (almost all of them) mummies and daddies from desi dramas.


Pakistani dramas showed me that parents can be hilarious

Like Zaki’s dad, Haroon sahab from “Yeh Raha Dil” who never spared him for a moment and never held back from cracking a joke at his son’s expense. He’s one of the wittiest fathers that we have had on Pakistani television.

Source: HUM Network


There’s also Saima Chaudhry from “Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat” who lit up our screens every time she was on!



But they can also be really hysterical

For example, in “Sammi” we saw Salar’s mother, played by Sania Saeed, as this mountain of uncontrollable emotion.



And then also Aunn’s mother from “Aunn Zara” who never shied away from showering her son with insane amounts of love and laad. 



Not to forget that we’ve seen our fair share of super controlling parents

We saw the almost scary mother in Rasheeda, who was playing Shanno’s mother in “Sadqey Tumhaare”. Jo Shanno se baat baad mein kerti thein aur thappar pehle maarti thein.

Source: HUM Network

There was also the extremely controlling Agha Jaan in “Diyar E Dil” where he made it a point to make any and all decisions for his sons, regardless of any opposition that he faced or any consequences that his actions brought about


Did you ever think parents could be super evil? Well “Humsafar” did with Farida aunty


This woman didn’t have a single nice bone in her entire body! She single handedly ruined at least 5 lives: Asher’s, Khirad’s, Sara’s, Khizer’s and Sara’s mum’s. Poor people who had to cross paths with Cruella De Vil


But some also had the tendency of proving themselves to be EXTREMELY WTF

Source: HUM Network

Sammi’s parents literally couldn’t give a hoot if she lived or died, who she was married off to, without realizing that they were ruining her life. And it was all to save their son, who, in turn, couldn’t care less about them.


But “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” was testament to the fact that you can have both good and bad parents


Kashaf’s father was nothing short of a matlabi monster, while her mother was a gem of a person who didn’t wish evil upon even those who had wronged her to no extent.



Not just kids, but parents too can have a moment of self-discovery where they completely turn around for the better and become your best friend and your protector

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Zubia’s father, Abbi, in “Yakeen Ka Safar” was proof of the fact that parents don’t always stay bad if that’s how they started out. While Abbi was the reason Zubia’s mother passed away, he also became Zubia’s strength towards the end of it all.


Mothers can be downright scary at times, too

Source: ARY Digital

Like Mohid’s mother from “Dil Lagi” could make even the strongest of me quiver with fear. The woman commanded every room she entered. And she always stood up for herself and didn’t really do anyone any wrong.


And of course, parents are undeniably adorable


If you don’t think that Momo from “Bulbulay” is the most huggable mum on television, then there’s something seriously wrong with you


What have you learnt about parents from Pakistani dramas?


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