Pakistani Celebrities Are Supporting Mohsin Abbas Haider's Wife After Her Allegation Of Abuse

By UA | 21 Jul, 2019

Actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider, most popular for his roles in Na Maloom Afraad and his performance of Urri Jaa at Coke Studio, has recently been accused of domestic violence allegations by his wife Fatema Sohail. The couple got married privately in 2015 and stayed away from the spotlight for the longest while, up until Fatema courageously took to social media to share what she had unfortunately been made to experience in the last few years.


Fatema received an overwhelming response to her post and there are a large number of people that jumped in to offer her their support and condolences.

Her post was shared by many celebrities, and many of them took to their own platforms to share their support for her and express their disappointment in what she had to go through.

Mahira Khan took to Twitter to express her feelings of disgust, stating that nobody should have the right to physically attack anyone.

She warned her followers that abuse has been normalized for eons now and that it needs to stop for the succeeding generations.

Osman Khalid Butt expressed his rage by stating that there is ‘a special place in hell’ reserved for people like his Baaji co-star.

Actor and Filmmaker Usman Mukhtar also extended his support to Fatema.

Haroon Shahid shared a childhood incident about a neighbor whose husband put her through similar experiences.

He compared Mohsin Abbas Haider to the abuser who he called a ‘wuss’ and calling him out on his shameful behavior towards his wife.

Hania Amir and Asim Azhar also both tweeted about how they felt about the situation.

While Hania shared Fatema’s post, pictures of her bruises and a photo of her police report, Asim decided to directly address the people who even remotely implied that Fatema’s experiences should be invalidated until Mohsin spoke out in response.

Hania expressed her frustration in a statement about how it is important to be a good person with high morals in order to make your hard work count for something, stating that none of it pays off if you’re a piece of s***.


In response to a user’s remark about how we should be waiting for Mohsin Abbas Haider’s response, Asim had quite some thoughts to share.

He expressed his disappointment in how people were taking her statement lightly, stating that by doing so you are automatically claiming that the abuse she witnessed was justified. Asim said that it was incredibly disappointing to see people awaiting the ‘other side of the story’ despite having been given so much evidence.

Asim Azhar continued on to say that he was shocked to see that people were still wanted to hear the ‘other side of the story’ or even think that anything at all could justify physical abuse.


In addition, some celebrities also claimed to have witnessed this abuse in person, speaking to how they saw him hurt her both physically and emotionally.

Mirza Gohar shared a story about how he saw a mutual friend take Fatema to the hospital after one of these incidents of abuse, and got to learn about how she was treated. He stated that Fatema is like a sister to him and that he chose to remain silent because he knew that she was doing whatever she could to save the health of her baby.

Humaima Malik’s sister Dua Malik also took to social media in a now-deleted Instagram post sharing how she was a witness to multiple incidents and has urged Fatema to speak up for the past three years.


Humaima Malik has taken to twitter to issue a statement, claiming herself to be a witness


Hamza Ali Abbasi has also corroborated Fatema’s story stating that Gohar Rasheed took him into confidence.

Meesha Shafi predicted some series of events that could follow to slander the victim, tweeting #BelieveHER

Armeena Khan shared a very powerful statement, shifting the onus on the audience.

“How many women do you know in your own family/friends who have been abused?”, she asks.


She also called for the system to be changed to one that holds these people accountable and punishes them accordingly


Adnan Malik shared insightful tweets on the matter, quoting gender politics and justice system

Iqra Aziz shared a bold statement regarding the whole episode


Sajal Aly took to instagram to express her thoughts and congratulate Fatema for finally speaking up 

Yumna Zaidi used some very harsh words to express her disdain, stating that such a behavior is completely unacceptable


Ushna Shah confessed that despite her personal relationship with Mohsin Abbas, she extends full support to his wife

Co-star Bilal Ashraf  tweeted that abuse of any kind should not be taken lightly 


Pakistan’s sweetheart Aiman Khan urged women to come forward and not feel alone while waging this battle

Ayesha Omar also shared her thoughts on her colleague’s exposé


Mawra Hocane tweeted #timesup


Mehwish Hayat urged for the perpetrator to feel the full wrath of law and protecting the victims


Feroze Khan called men like Mohsin Abbas “a threat to society”


Hareem Farooq called all men who have ever abused a woman ‘cowardly’ and ‘inhumane’


Ahsan Khan posted a strongly-worded status update on his Facebook account

Mansha Pasha asked for men to “do better”


Ali Kazmi urged all women who have faced similar situations to speak up


People are glad that celebrities are openly condemning Mohsin Abbas Haider’s behavior, but we still have a long way to go in terms of entirely abolishing such stories and building a society where people stop justifying such acts. Mohsin Abbas is yet to give a statement about this. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Actor And Singer Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Wife Just Spoke Up About Allegations Of Domestic Violence

Source: Instagram/ @mahirahkhan, @aclockworkobi, @mohsinabbashaider

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