Pakistani Celebrities Are Being Dragged For Shamelessly Partying During The Ongoing Coronavirus Third Wave

By Noor | 27 Apr, 2021

Pakistani celebrities are being dragged for their reckless behavior during the coronavirus surge

The ongoing resurgence of Covid-19 infections has led to an exponential increase in the number of casualties and cases all over the globe. The South Asian region, in particular, has been badly hit by the virus as the positivity rate and figures suggest that the situation is getting intense. The heartbreaking situation in India and the rising number of cases have led the Pakistani administrative agencies to plan for the worst.


Government of Pakistan has finally started emphasizing on the need for precautions and is trying to control the situation by making stricter restrictions than before

Gatherings of all sorts have been banned by the government and even, businesses, educational institutes and other work places have to suffer because of the stern actions.


They have been sharing alarming figures everyday in order to raise awareness among the people regarding the need for increased security


Amidst all the warnings and instructions by the Government, Pakistani celebrities have been seen partying during the ongoing coronavirus wave – mingling, gathering and basically being reckless in the face of rapid rise in cases

One of such cases is the recent birthday party of actor and celebrity cosmetic surgeon Fahad Mirza. The star and his wife, Sarwat Gillani, arranged a Qawali night for their guests and many familiar faces from the entertainment industry were a part of the event.


It’s not only Pakistani celebrities seen displaying reckless behavior during the coronavirus third wave

Current Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry – who is usually seen exercising precautions – also celebrated his birthday with a grand party and invited numerous people.


Moreover, shows like Jeeto Pakistan are going on everyday with celebrity guests and audience members being called together in an enclosed space for hours


People are disappointed to witness such reckless behavior being exhibited by Pakistani celebrities in the middle of the coronavirus third wave, particularly at a time when the country is using 90% of its oxygen capacity

Medical experts around the world have continuously informed that it is only with reduced gatherings, mask wearing and not getting together in enclosed spaces are the only ways to stay safe until everybody is vaccinated.


While it is being argued that most of the guests were vaccinated and were following the SOPs, people have emphasized that this can not be used as an excuse to stop being cautious. With new evolving variants, one needs to be extra careful and should avoid gatherings at all costs.

Most importantly, a projection of such an instance on social media can serve as a bad example for many others. This is exactly why celebrities and prominent figures have a more responsible role to play because their actions influence and shape the actions of the masses in general.

Celebrities have a huge influence, what they do or say is taken seriously by many of their fans. Displaying such reckless behavior even if they are vaccinated themselves, is not proper behavior of public figures of their stature. When they do this, they lose the ability to lecture the audience about other social issues that they want to amplify.

So, what are your thoughts about the issue? Let us know in the comments below.


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