Ducky Bhai Just Apologized To Pakistani BTS ARMY After Facing Backlash On Joke

By Rameeza Ahmad | 9 Mar, 2020

Pakistani BTS ARMY sure taught a lesson to Ducky Bhai

Saad-ur-Rehman aka Ducky Bhai has made a name for himself with his video where he’s gaming and in the background he does commentary about a topic or ‘roasts’ someone. In his latest video, ‘I AM LOOKING FOR A GIRL !!!’, he made a joke at the expense of the biggest boy band in the world right now, BTS. Except ye joke Ducky Bhai ko mehnga parh gaya.


Pakistani BTS ARMY got really, really pissed off at Ducky Bhai for what they thought was a very distasteful joke

In his video, he is talking about a bemaari which is worse than the Coronavirus. And when he says the words Coronavirus, a picture of BTS pops on screen. Yikes… talk about xenophobia and racism all rolled into one, huh?

Pakistani BTS ARMYs immediately caught the majorly racist joke and started to mass report the video and commented about how inappropriate the joke was.


People were so pissed that some Pakistani BTS ARMY called out Ducky Bhai for his “joke”


He tried to remedy the backlash by blurring the faces in the picture he had included but you could still pretty obviously tell that it was BTS


After people called him out Ducky Bhai tried to give more explanation 

He said that it was his editor who had added that image and once Ducky Bhai realized, he blurred it completely and within minutes of seeing the insensitive joke that he says his editor made accidentally.


But ARMY weren’t buying the excuse or his apology, a few people thought he was throwing his editor under the bus

And his apology was deemed insincere…


The Pakistani BTS ARMY also felt that Ducky Bhai was trying to mock them rather than being sincere in his apology

Pakistani ARMY thought he was genuinely trying to right his wrong but that changed when everyone saw that he had edited his bio to say ‘Number 1 BTS fan account #ARMYForever’… clearly a jab at Pakistani BTS fans.


After the whole situation, Ducky Bhai has probably realized how massive the BTS ARMY really is

Please remember, that Pakistani ARMYs made a national news channel apologize and redact a statement they made about BTS. Honestly, the only lesson anyone can take away from any of this is that one should NEVER mess with BTS or ARMYs.

Had he sincerely apologized and promised to do better, this whole thing could have blown over easily. But the fact that he probably only blurred the picture so that ARMYs would stop mass reporting his video so his channel wouldn’t suffer really wasn’t the way he should have gone about it. These fans showed they don’t appreciate an apology with thinly veiled sarcasm and mockery.

What do you think about Ducky Bhai being canceled by the BTS ARMY? Let us know in the comment below.


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Cover Image Source: @duckybhai via Instagram

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