This Pakistani Bride Didn't Cover Her Head For Her Marriage And Her Powerful Statement Has Left People Divided

By Alveena Jadoon | 3 Mar, 2018

Marriage is one of the most important events in an individual’s life. So it is equally important to do what one is extremely comfortable with.

Makeup artist, Hermaine Khan, recently got married and challenged one norm that people don’t generally talk about.


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In her Instagram story, she asks women whether or not brides should cover their head on the day of their marriage.

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If one does not cover their head in the daily routine, should they cover their head on their marriage day? That is the question posed by Hermaine.

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As soon as she asked this question, she received a multitude of replies; each explaining why they think if a bride should or should not cover her head.

Some women think that it is okay to cover your head even if you don’t normally do it. They think that’s because marriage in Pakistan is a very cultural event and that is why they like following through with the traditions.

Others think that one should be themselves on the day of their marriage. They should not be someone due to cultural pressure and should be able to dress as they please and how they feel comfortable.

Many were also indifferent to how people choose to dress.

But raising such a point has its pros and cons. While many appreciate someone speaking up about it, others were also critical of why a cultural norm was being challenged.

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We got in touch with Hermaine and asked her what prompted her to address this topic.

“On the day of my reception, I was really double-minded as to what and how I should get ready. Dupatta was my main concern. However, I thought let’s get some views on it. It was a 60 to 40 ratio. 40 percent of the women do believe that we should break these stereotypes”, she shared.

Hermaine has made a powerful statement about how she feels comfortable in her own skin and that’s certainly a message that should be applauded. Challenging the way you’ve been asked is the only way to lead your life helps one grow and find their balance.

What is your take on this? Let us know in the comments.

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