This Pakistani Bride Just Absolutely Shut DOWN All “Log Kya Kahein Gai” Comments

By Biya Haq | 22 Dec, 2017

Fatima Akhlaq, a determined Karachi bride decided to go against the norm of ‘traditional’ Pakistani brides by hooting and roaming around her own mayun, despite the comments from people around her.

And we are in LOVE.


In a post on the page ‘Soul Sisters,’ Fatima outlined the absolute BS of brides not being able to have fun their own weddings and had something (AMAZING) to say about it.

Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan Via: Facebook


Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan Via: Facebook

She went on to say:

Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan Via: Facebook



When we approached (drooled over) Fatima and asked if we could feature her and her message, she said:

“It would be great because I want to voice this out to everyone that your happiness should be above ‘log kya kaheinge’

In traditional Pakistani Shaadi culture, brides have always been encouraged to present themselves as quiet, sullen and modest on their big day.


While this is fine for all brides who wish to be this way on their big day, Fatima wanted to enjoy her own wedding in the way she wanted to. To which we think:



Which is basically what everyone else in the group thought as well:

Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan Via: Facebook


Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan Via: Facebook

The most beautiful bride in the whole wide wooooorld!

Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan Via: Facebook


Source: Soul Sisters Pakistan Via: Facebook

To all you brides out there, amidst all the craziness of everything around you, don’t be afraid to laugh, dance, eat and be YOU. Your wedding only comes around once and helloOoooOo, if you don’t enjoy it, who will? Love you.

What do you think about Fatima’s words? Do you agree? Do you want to dance to ‘Hookah bar’ at your own wedding? Same. Let us know your comments in the section below!

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