This Pakistani Artist Is Helping Raise Awareness About Endangered Animals In The Most Unique Way

By Arslan Athar | 19 Jan, 2018

Pakistan’s pool of talent is huge, especially when it comes to art. From portrait artists to illustrators; the range of talents in this country is amazing.


Ameer Ali is one such artist who is trying to send a positive message through his art

Source: @ameerzahirali / Instagram


He’s a digital illustrator, and uses his artwork to capture the little everyday things that describe Pakistani life

Source: @ameerzahirali / Instagram


Other than that, he knows his way around a paintbrush and does wonders with water colors. 

Source: @ameerzahirali / Instagram

Recently Ameer took to Facebook to announce a project very close to his heart. For an entire week, he painted endangered animals in hopes to increase awareness around their plight. Along with each painting, he posted information about the animal and their current state. The results are hauntingly beautiful.


The helmeted hornbill 

“The spectacular Hornbill has been uplisted from Near Threatened to Critically Endangered due to severe hunting pressure for its Casque which is completely solid and rich in RED IVORY and also due to logging and agricultural conversion, leading to a loss of habitat.”

Source: @ameerzahirali / Instagram


“The greatest threat to this spectacular mammal is incidental death caused by fishing gears, gillnets, and illegal killings.”

Source: @ameerzahirali / Instagram

The Golden Poison Dart Frog 

“Due to ongoing decline in the extent and quality of habitat, the population is suspected to be decreasing.”

Source: @ameerzahirali / Instagram

Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle

“The decline of this species is primarily due to human activities, including the direct harvest of adults and eggs and incidental capture in commercial fishing operations. ”

Source: @ameerzahirali / Instagram

As Ameer’s watercolor project slowly comes to a close, he hopes to use these paintings as a way of creating further awareness and also raising funds for the cause of these endangered animals.

To see the rest of Ameer’s work and to support his project, do check out his Instagram page. Here’s hoping that this one step can help inspire many more people to do the same, thereby helping these gorgeous animals.


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