Answer These Questions To Find Out Which Pakistani Actor Over 30 Years Old Is Your Soulmate

By Iman Zia | 18 Sep, 2018

These questions will tell your Pakistani actor soulmate

You know what they say about older men becoming more attractive to you when you find out their age, and boy oh boy for these hot AF Pakistani male actors it has never been truer. It’s like as soon as they hit 30, they suddenly get hit with a dose of overnight spells that legit makes them look so delicious and so so tempting (sorry, not sorry). Their 20’s had them looking just mediocre, but their 30’s have them looking like FREAKING kings.


Are there even any questions that a Pakistani actor like Fawad Khan has gotten better like fine wine?

There is absolutely no questions about his attractiveness that has only gotten better with age, proving our theory perfectly. His beauty is beloved beyond borders. His evolution from his eP days when he would also star in Jutt and Bond to what he has become now is truly *chef’s kiss*.



Or Adnan Siddiqui has become particularly attractive ever since he got the salt and pepper look

Tall, dark and handsome has never been more personified than with Adnan Siddiqui and his current look. Heck he even made Shahwar from Mere Pass Tum Ho supremely attractive, testing our moral compasses.

questions pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui
Source: @adnansid1 / Instagram


Pakistani actors toh hain hee even Shehzad Roy the vampire somehow looks better now even though he looks literally the same as he used to when he was younger

Jokes about Shehzad Roy’s vampire blood aside, there definitely is something to him looking a little different, a little sexier, as he’s gotten older.

Source: @officialshehzadroy / Instagram


So, if you want a slice of these fine older gentlemen, answer these questions to find out which Pakistani actor over 30 is your soulmate


So who did you get?


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