Build Your Ideal Man And We'll Tell You Which Pakistani Male Celebrity You Belong With

By Astarte | 9 Apr, 2018

If you could create your ideal man from scratch, from mere bone, from supple soil, then what traits would you dapple him with? Would you construct someone rugged like Humayun Saeed or Fawad Khan, or a leaner, quiet Ahad Raza Mir? Take our quiz by building your ideal man and we’ll tell you which Pakistani Actor you belong with!


Everyone has their own definition of an ideal partner

As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, similarly the concept of an “ideal” is relative. There is no one set definition of what an ideal man, or woman, is like. There will be specific sets of attributes – both physical and personality based – that you may find important to have in an ideal partner but someone else may think that a completely different set of attributes matter.



While some people idealize the father figures in their lives

Of course, men who are father figures in our formative years leave the biggest impressions on our minds about what values and attributes we grow up to idealize as important.

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Others think that an ideal man can be someone famous like a Pakistani celebrity maybe

Celebrities have a tendency to leave big impressions on our personalities too. These celebrities can be actors, singers, cricketers, politicians, philanthropists, social media influencers and whatnot.

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So let’s find out who your ideal man is and we’ll give you a Pakistani male celebrity as your dream partner

So, who did you get? Tell us your answer in the comments section.

Also, this was just a fun little quiz. The idea of an “ideal man” is relative, as we’ve mentioned earlier. The values or attributes that you hold dear to find that ideal person may not be the same as someone else’s. So when you’re seriously looking for that “ideal” don’t let anyone distract you from the values and attributes that really matter to you. Good luck!


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