Ali Tareen Is Incredibly Excited About Getting Stopped For Breaking The Law And People Are Celebrating With Him

By Rameeza Ahmad | 18 Sep, 2018

You probably know who Ali Khan Tareen is.

Source: MangoBaaz

Yeah, exactly, you know.

He is the son of beloved politician Jehangir Khan Tareen who happens to be Prime Minister Imran Khan’s best friend. And also the main reason why Imran Khan even became the Prime Minister.

So of course, now that the PTI government is finally in full swing, no one is happier than the Tareens who worked so hard to make sure this became a reality in the first place.

And when Ali Tareen was recently pulled over by a traffic warden because his car token was not updated, he was ecstatic!

…wait, what?

Apparently, Ali Tareen was happy being pulled over because according to him this was a display of Naya Pakistan where people with influence cannot get away either because of who they are.

Apparently, the warden even told him that no one would be spared because his new boss was very strict. And clearly, Ali Tareen was not complaining but incredibly happy at hearing about this.

A lot of other people also joined in on the celebrations and congratulated Ali Tareen.

But of course, there were also some people who were not that happy.

All in all, the change is definitely heartwarming to see. And Ali Tareen clearly is not the only one who is happy about this tabdeeli. And we hope this behaviour continues throughout.

For Everyone Wondering About Jahangir Tareen’s Son We Have ALL The Details

Ali Khan Tareen Adorably Missing His Dad Is Making Pakistanis Go, “Aww”

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