Things You Definitely DID NOT See in the Pakistan Super League

Things You Definitely DID NOT See in the Pakistan Super League

Things You Definitely DID NOT See in the Pakistan Super League

So, the first ever Pakistan Super League recently concluded. With the nation still getting off of that incredible high, we thought we’d recap on just some of the things that did not happened at the PSL:


1. Semi-naked Cheerleaders gyrating awkwardly every time a player hits a boundary.

Source: Total Pro Sports

We don’t need to objectify women.


2. Shahrukh Khan lungi dancing to KKR’s new theme song.

Source: Buzzfeed

3. A Lack of Pakistani Players 

Source: Sports Keeda

Coaching doesn’t count.


4. Shilpa Shetty looking like this when Rajasthan Royals loses every time to an underdog.


Source: Firstpost


5. Chris Gayle dancing to Gangnam Style.

Source: imgflip

Was it because Lahore Qalandars was ousted so quickly? Or because Gayle had other things on his mind, like Mel McLaughlin. 😉


6. The team owners hogging more camera time than the players

Source: ste.india

Sure, some team owners, like Rana sahab from Lahore Qalandars got adoring fans just for himself, that was more because he was too adorable than because he hogged more camera than the actual game.


7. Lalit Modi miserably failing at dodging the corruption questions

Source: Indian Express

Because Najam Sethi pulled off a fantastic event, he doesn’t need to be involved in corruption over a game.


8. Bollywood gimmicks at every single match distracting from the actual game

Source: Giphy

9. Virat Kohli being reprimanded for meeting Anushka Sharma during a break from the match

Source: NDTV


10. Any player publicly acknowledging the existence of their girlfriend.

Source: Indiatimes 


11. Saif Ali Khan attending one of the matches.

Oh, don’t ever think about this one!

Source: Tumblr

Sorry Saif, we have no faith in you.


12. Pollard acting out against the umpire’s orders by doing this:

Source: Cricinfo


What we did see at the Pakistan Super League, though, is Pakistan showing the cricket world how it’s done. 

On the field

Source: Love Pakistani Cricket


And in the stands.

Source: Love Pakistani Cricket


And Lala’s swag, of course!

Source: Dawn

Even after losing.

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