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Pakistani Twitter Is Witnessing A New Wave Of “Me Too” Moment Right Now As Women Are Exposing Many Harassers

Pakistani Twitter Is Witnessing A New Wave Of “Me Too” Moment Right Now As Women Are Exposing Many Harassers

It is extremely interesting how the interconnectivity via the internet allows individuals from all corners of the world to unite together for a cause. For the longest time, women in Pakistani circles have sought empowerment in isolation and have talked about issues relevant to women in the Pakistani society.


The global movements of #MeToo and #TimesUp which target sexual assault and harassment have made their way to the Pakistani setting as well

Victims, when they see others also taking a stand against these individuals, are encouraged to do the same. With global movements we witnessed the end of careers of several renowned people based on the allegations against them. And we are not talking about just an individual incident, these predators when go unreported tend to exploit as many as they can.


Earlier this week, we witnessed the resignation of a Pakistani music startup, Patari’s CEO after a number of women came forward with their claims about harassment. And there was proof to support their claims

It is very natural to question and ask victims for proof. Many would also ask why pictures of the conversations were uploaded, as that is a breech of confidentiality but remember that we have a tendency of victim blaming, which is why proof is needed.


A number of individuals, mostly females, are now taking to Twitter to expose other people who they felt harassed by

Many had to resort to either making separate accounts for this endeavor or asking their friends to do it on their behalf. Naturally this requires a lot of courage and strength, especially when it’s a social media platform; there is a lot of rebuttal.

And we can notice that these women who are bringing up harassment stories, it is not just random people who had the guts to talk to them inappropriately or harass them into giving in to their demands; it was also their colleagues, cousins or just family friends. Again reinforcing how anyone around you can be a sexual predator.


Some are using #XposeApril to put up their stories


Some critics even called this entire movement a “Twitter drama” and advised people to do something better with their time

And this is them not realizing the consequences of certain actions, and how the lack of accountability lets them go on for years; causing irreparable damage.


But women came forward to support each other and to not let anyone threaten them into taking back their stories


Many people were taken aback with the names being exposed. And the innate reaction was to apparently say they’re cutting ties with such predators


This entire endeavor led to many men deactivating their accounts to avoid being mentioned. Many even asked women to not put up their stories and apologized for prior behavior


And for men, they did admit that this revelation of how common such occurrences are, might be a shock for women, but men know the frequency with which this happens


For those indulging in victim blaming, here’s a response:


The way women have stood by each other is phenomenal. Predators need to know that women are together in this


The best part about the movement was that it was not limited to a particular gender

While many of those who were exposed were men, women did not hesitate in standing up against other women who have harassed individuals. And this is a response to those who think women are out to get men. NO! THEY ARE NOT!

They are out to get those who disrespect individuals and their boundaries, and misuse the space that they have in the society.



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