Pakistan is Ranked As the Fifth Least Secure Country in the World And We Need to Do Something About it

By Sarmad Amer | 6 Nov, 2015

This shouldn’t really come as surprise seeing as how we have been faced with many a security challenges over the past 15 years or so, but Pakistan has been ranked as the fifth lowest ranked country in a list by Prosperity Index measuring ‘Safety & Security’.

Source: AFP via: PakistanTV


In a ranking of 142 countries around the world, based on the factors such as economy, health, education, personal freedom and safety, Pakistan placed at 130. This was a fall of three places from last year.

Prosperity Index 2Source: Prosperity


What does the ranking mean?

The ranking is based on indicators that most surveys don’t really factor in. Usually the focus is on economic prosperity, ease of doing business or the GDP of a country. Not to take away from the importance of these factors but ultimately, for the people, there are factors other than economic ones that matter for their choice of residence or adopting a country as their home.

Source: AEU

Therefore, for Pakistan to be ranked so low, especially on ‘Safety & Security’, is illustrative of how increasingly difficult our homeland is becoming for people to survive in. However, Pakistan is not the only country that is becoming more unsafe.

According to the findings of the Prosperity Index, the world has only become increasingly intolerant, unsafe and insecure. Which just goes to show how we, as a people, are collectively not able to take a difference of opinion and ideas with a pinch of salt. A simple look around you (maybe just a quick glance at your Facebook) will show how everyone has become increasingly incapable of accepting if other people disagree with their opinions.

Prosperity Index 1Source: Prosperity

Yeah, I know the map is biased. Sorry, I didn’t make it, don’t hate me.


Why does the Prosperity Index matter?

The Prosperity Index is created by the Legatum Institute, a London-based think tank and educational charity focused on promoting prosperity.

Source: Prosperity

According to the Propserity Index, which is an index that ranks countries around the world based on idicators of prosperity other than purely economic ones. This is because the Prospetity Index believes that “most people would agree that prosperity is more than just the accumulation of material wealth. It is also the joy of everyday life and the prospect of being able to build an even better life in the future.”


Here’s a look at how Pakistan ranks in comparison to some of other countries:



Prosperity Index - IndiaSource: Prosperity

Having climbed three positions from last year, India now ranks 99 out of 142 countries



Prosperity Index - ChinaSource: Prosperity

With an overall score of 55, there is no surprise in China’s ranking as Number 3 in terms of having the best economy.



Prosperity Index - USSource: Prosperity

Surprised that the US is not Number 1? Well, consider this: since 2009, as per the findings of the Prosperity Index, the US has become increasingly intolerant and insecure. Guess even the best of us have our bad times.



Prosperity Index - UAESource: Prosperity

In a surprising turn of events, the UAE is ranked much higher, at Number 30. But then again, it might not be as surprising, considering that the Sheikhs are some of the least political people around.


Saudi Arabia

Prosperity Index - SaudiSource: Prosperity

And the sheikhs that are political rank a little bit lower. Notice that the rank for Saudi Arabia, in ‘Personal Freedom’ is at 110, which is more than Pakistan’s 129. Are we less free than even Saudi Arabia?



Prosperity Index - TurkeySource: Prosperity

Our new Turkish friends fare much better than us. However, not as good as one would expect, or like, to be.



Prosperity Index - CanadaSource: Prosperity

Our new friends that do rank better – much better, than anyone else, in fact – are the Justin Trudeau (who we spent a day with, recently) led Canada. And best of all? Canada is the most tolerant country in the whole world with a ranking of Number 1 in terms of ‘Personal Freedom’.



Prosperity Index - IsraelSource: Prosperity

And just for perspective, here is Israel’s ranking. Notice how it’s numbers are significantly better than countries like Turkey or China that aren’t in the middle of active, full fledged war.

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