These 15 Lesson Are the Most Important Thing You Will Learn in Your University Life in Pakistan

By Umair Mahmood | 6 Nov, 2015

Your University days are some of the most important and memorable times of your life. Not only do you learn about your intended major, but also about the world and yourself. Whether you went to university in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world, there are several lessons you learn  that are universally applicable.


1. You’re not the only genius in the world.

It’s easy to think that you are the best after you’ve scored stellar grades in your O and A Level but the fact is that your university will expose you to people who are much more intelligent than you.

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2. You must choose your friends wisely.

At first, it might seem that every person likes you. It may take a while for you to differentiate your true friends from the fake ones.

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3. A low GPA does not mean your life is ruined.

While it may be an important academic component, the fact remains that there’s more to college than just your GPA. And after graduation, hardly anyone cares, as long as you bring the best skills to the table.

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4. You are the master of your own fate.

This is the time where you will truly discover your real interests and passion. If you invest in them by taking courses that you truly value, you might end up in your dream career.

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5. There are times when you might fail. And that’s alright.

Perhaps you didn’t prepare for your quiz, were too ill to remember that an assignment was due or even skipped a class where the instructor gave an unannounced quiz.

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6. This time will never come back so make the most of it.

No matter how much you hate your university policies and the study pressure you get there, there will come a time where you will want to back in time to university life and stay there.

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7. You’re no longer just a student but also a young adult who will have to look for a job.

This will dawn on you once you are about to graduate. This is the time where unemployment won’t just be another term of economics.

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8. You are the only one who can overcome your limitations.

Remember when you used to think that after your four years in university, you’d become your true ideal self? Well, that probably won’t happen. In fact, most people never become their ideal self, but that’s okay because to be imperfect is to be human.

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9. There will be some hurtful goodbyes during this time.

You may seem to think that all your friendships will last but there’s a good chance you’ll lose touch with many people after you graduate or some will lose touch during your university life. All this will teach you how to cope with losing close ones.

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10. Not everyone is going to end up in a corporate job.

This is perhaps one of the hardest lessons you learn in your university years. You might see you childhood dream break but take this opportunity to learn about what other opportunities lay ahead for you.

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11. You might have to spend days and nights to build your career.

From reading about it in the newspapers to actually experiencing it, you will find yourself working long hours for a brighter future.

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12. You will learn a lot about the world and yourself during university.

You have some limitations, you have some strengths. But knowledge knows no bounds so make the best of everything and everyone around you. Because the world is your teacher.

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13. You’re not the only one that struggles with finding your aim in life.

Everyone struggles one way or the other. And that’s how life will be – the important thing is how you deal with it.

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14. There are more people like you than you think.

You meet a lot more people during your university years and there’s a good chance you’ll find people with similar interests as you.

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15. Owning up to your mistakes makes you a better person.

Everyone makes mistakes. You’ll learn that there’s no point in obsessing over what you could have done. Instead, it’s more important to learn from your mistakes and move on.

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All in all, make the best of your experience in university because it is like a training ground for the “practical” life.

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