Exclusive: A Day With Canada's New Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau

By Hamza Ghaznavi | 24 Oct, 2015

The Prime Minister elect of Canada, Justin Trudeau, on 19th Oct, Monday promised the public a new Canada upon his election. And boy did he deliver! Fortunately our reporter was there to cover his first 24 hours as the Canadian Prime Minister and here we bring to you exclusive coverage of the day Mr. Trudeau got elected:

Source: cp24.com


Midnight. Election Night:

As soon as he was elected as the premier of the country, he paid a visit during the first night to the International Space Station to visit the Canadian astronauts in space. Mr. Trudeau took a somewhat leisurely zero gravity stroll with the team. He wished them a happy new Canada and they ended the meeting by chanting the Canadian national anthem together.

Source: cbc.ca


11 AM, Day 1:

Once he returned to planet Earth, he went to old people’s home,  and gave them a warm welcome to the new liberal Canada. He also brought the cuddliest person among them back to his home.


12.20 pm

Mr. Trudeau sent sweets along with signed photos of himself to ISIS and other rebel groups in Iraq and Syria with the hashtag #SayNoToWar #LoveWins.

1.15 pm

He spotted a Muslim woman in the park who was undergoing labor pains. Seeing that time was of the essence, and a nearby news van didn’t hurt either, Mr. Trudeau decided to perform the birth himself. After the birth, he called a press conference in the park discussing the importance of interfaith networking and helping each other out. He then held the new baby up high for the media and introduced him to the new Canada.

Source: patheos.com


4.30 pm

Unfortunately, the day wasn’t without it’s misgivings, Justin Trudeau was mistakenly handed over to the Canadian police after a couple mistook him for a burglar as he was secretly entering their home to surprise them with a party for Naya Canada.

The incident took place around 4 pm as the couple were enjoying their late afternoon nap when somebody woke them up and started welcoming them to the New Canada. The couple freaked out and supposedly hit the newly elected prime minister with their pillow, right on his million dollar nose. It was only when the police reached the home upon being called that it became clear that the alleged burglar was actually Mr. Trudeau himself. Upon realizing the couple apologized, had some barbecue with the newly elected premiere and finished off with a game of ice hockey! #JustCanadianThings


7 pm

Justin Trudea ended the day with doing a shirtless runway walk for a homeless shelter being run by an all women committee, over 18, obviously, as he believes in liberal Canada but not illegal Canada. It was confirmed to MangoBaaz that the proceeds for the event went to charity for the shelter.

Source: Al Jazeera


MangoBaaz can also exclusively confirm to its dear readers that Mr. Trudeau’s first international trip as the leader of Naya Canada will be to Pakistan. He has been invited for a special dharna appearance in Islamabad, sometime in November. Weather conditions and bonfire crowd permitting, Mr. Trudeau may also display his bhangra skills.

As we bid farewell to Mr. Justin Trudeau, he gave a parting message to his followers in Pakistan that everyone should work towards saying good things, spreading love and always being nice to each other. Then he hopped on to his horse and rode away into the shining dream for every Pakistani immigrant that is Canada.

We congratulate the people of Canada for a new dawn. Here’s hoping we can actually move towards a more tolerant, respectful and loving world community.

Via: Dawn
Editor's Note: This article is a work of satire.
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