18 People Predict How They Think Things Will Be In Pakistan In 2019

By Maliha Khan | 29 Dec, 2018

You may have seen #PakistanIn2019 all over your Twitter the past few days and the hashtag has been catching on pretty quickly.  Pakistanis all over have been sharing what they would like to see happen in their country this upcoming year and some tweets were relatable and others were just funny.

Keep reading to find out what people in our nation would like to see;


People have a lot of expectation to make positive changes in the new year


Like taking an initiative by building each other up as a team


Allowing people outside of the traditional careers to help the country out as well


Focusing on what really unites us and not divides us


Stopping crime against others and working on becoming the best version of ourselves


Turning Naya Pakistan to reality is also on people’s mind


Some positive thoughts coming from this Pakistani


This guy hasn’t forgotten the damn dam

Is it one of those things like the infamous “wall” for America that will never become a reality?


Preach honesty and respect is this guy’s motto for the new year


And looks like this one wants to turn Pakistan into Dubai in 2019


Yaasss.. Bring out the young people


We will become a united front


Everyone deserves food and water


Oh don’t we all wish this happens


Avoid fights within the border


Most of all, let’s share our beautiful Pakistan with everyone


What do you want to see happen in Pakistan in 2019?


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Cover image via india.com

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