‘Karachi Bakery' In India Was Forced To Hide Its Name And People On Both Sides Are Actually Pissed

By Ramsha Bhatti | 24 Feb, 2019

Hostilities towards Pakistanis have been on the rise lately. From having blocked the export of tomatoes, to preventing movie releases, to boycotting Pakistanis in general, things have escalated pretty damn fast.


Indians are being extremely negative toward Pakistan after the Pulwama incident

This much is certainly not a secret but some of their actions are a little too far, and maybe even a little stupid.

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The latest instance of hostile behavior includes a bakery – yes, a mere bakery – that has come under fire.

An Indian mob pressurized owners of a bakery by the name of ‘Karachi Bakery’ in Bangalore to cover its name. Why? Because, well, Karachi hai na naam main.

Extremist individuals and groups in India have been making sure that they eradicate all things relating to and hinting towards affiliations with Pakistan from their country. How exactly this move will benefit India remains a mystery to all.


Apparently some protesters pushed for the bakery to remove ‘Karachi’ from its name since they thought it belonged to Pakistani entrepreneurs.

In an attempt to show their contempt towards Pakistan and to retaliate after the Pulwama Attacks, angry nationalist mobs resorted to threatening a local bakery to change its name, or at least hide it, to prove that it stands with the people of India.


However, that is not the case. The bakery in question is apparently owned by a man from Sindh called Khanchand Ramnani who found a home in Hyderabad after the Partition. A tweet informing people talked about the same:

The fact that some Indians are threatening and forcing their own people to show their solidarity towards their homeland through such acts of violence and hatred is heartbreaking. The saddest part is that the owners had to give in, covering ‘Karachi’ and displaying the Indian flag to express solidarity.


From the looks of it, many Indians are not happy with the event. 

While some Indians have been overcome by anger and are ready to eliminate all things Pakistani from their country, there are other rational individuals who condemn such petty acts.

The situation, when being analyzed from a sound perspective, shows the horrific state of affairs in India. The hate some of the countrymen harbor for us has grown to an extent which is forcing them to be a source of inconvenience to their own people.


People from both ends of the border are taken aback by this petty act of violence and intolerance. 


People are also comparing India with Pakistan to prove a point.

Bombay Bakery remains one of Hyderabad’s most renowned bakeries, and people travel huge distances just to grab themselves the cakes that are sold there.

Extremist groups seem to be losing their calm in such complex and critical times. However, some people are also trying to do their level best to talk sense into people of a similar mindset.


While certain extremist groups continue to spew hate for us across the border, we are left asking: how does this benefit anyone?

What do you think about this incident? Let us know below.



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