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Oops, This Indian Air Force Officer Apparently Just Gave Away Military Secrets To Pakistan For Nude Pics

Oops, This Indian Air Force Officer Apparently Just Gave Away Military Secrets To Pakistan For Nude Pics

He’s definitely majorly screwed


This Indian officer just got himself in big trouble and it isn’t even Valentine’s day yet. Naturally, with the “day of love and lust” approaching, many single folks are reeking of desperation. It’s totally understandable, considering everywhere you look, you are reminded that just like last year you’ll be single this time around. Anyway in this time of vulnerability, people might end up doing stuff that they may regret later. Like this Indian Air Force captain.


Group Captain Arun Marwaha of Indian Air Force was allegedly duped by what some reports are calling “ISI jawaans into giving away defence secrets, in exchange for ‘nudes’

If this whole incident is true, the ISI boys sure were smart to target a horny uncle who was dumb enough of to give away “STATE SECRETS” for a nude photo.


According to a report published on Khaleej Times, cyber agents working for ISI caught this dude wanting to fraandship with some girls and ended up getting the goods from him.


The Captain was taken into police custody and can face up to 14 years in prison

He is currently being held at the Special Cell’s headquarters in New Delhi. “The documents which Marwaha shared mostly dealt with training and combat-related air exercises. We also found he shared documents of the exercise ‘Gagan Shakti’,” an Indian armed officer who allegedly spoke with the publication, said.

It is said that Pakistani agents chatted with the captain posing as ‘Kiran Randhawa’ and ‘Mahima Patel’ on Facebook. The two pseudo profiles earned the trust of the Captain and asked him to send them sensitive data in exchange for provocative photos.



A lot of Pakistanis just couldn’t control their laughter over the situation


Meanwhile, on the other side of the border, people were obviously ‘butt hurt’ (for the lack of a better term)


What do you guys have to say on the matter? Could you believe that someone would be this dumb to give away sensitive information over “nudes”?

Let us know in the comment section below.


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