Of Course, Ajay Devgn Just Removed Atif Aslam's Song From His New Movie And We're Not Surprised

By Iman Zia | 12 Apr, 2019

In light of the devastating Pulwama attacks that severed ties between India and Pakistan, Bollywood stars vowed to never work with the latter ever again, including actor Ajay Devgn.

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Well, Ajay, hate to break it to you but no one wants to see your shitty movies anyway.

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After Ajay’s announcement, he just made it all the more aware how anti-Pakistani he is after he has removed Atif Aslam’s songs from his latest movie.

We aren’t even surprised at this point, just very disappointed that an entire nation is being ostracized over the harrowing actions of a few.

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Ajay’s film ‘De De Pyar De’ had a song sung by the Pakistani singer, however, the song was removed altogether.

Indian singer Amaal Mallik tweeted out information about the music for the upcoming Bollywood flick, and when asked about Atif’s song, he confirmed that Atif was not a part of the soundtrack.


Jeez, Ajay, talk about being the OG of petty behavior, HOW OLD ARE YOU?

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More recently, Indian music company T-Series took down Pakistani artists from their YouTube channel – but then they restored the songs later LOL. This tiff doesn’t seem to be simmering down anytime soon, and it might just be the end of relations between India and Pakistan as we know it.


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