Noor Jehan's Youngest Daughter Just Commented On Coke Studio's Version Of Her Mother's Song, Luddi Hai Jamalo

By Maham Lari | 14 Oct, 2018

After ten weeks and eight episodes, Coke Studio wraps up its 11th season with a very interesting choice of songs. Season 11, titled ‘Jashan’ aired its eighth episode featuring “Wah Jo Kalaam” by Asrar, Vishnu and Shamu Bai, “Apna Gham” by Bilal Khan and Mishal Khawaja, and “Luddi Hai Jamalo” by Ali Sethi and Humaira Arshad.


The remake of ‘Luddi Hai Jamala Pao” by Ali Sethi and Humaira Arshad is a modern, disco remix. 

The classical song has been recreated by combining Punjabi folk with a disco sensibility. Backing the vocals of both singers, dholak beats ornate the song, with a twist of hip-hop and the entire arrangement is beautifully crafted. The iconic track still holds incredible charm to mesmerize the listener.

Source: Coke Studio


Originally the song was sung by Madam Noor Jehan. 



After the release of the song, Noor Jehan’s youngest daughter, Nazia Ejaz talked about the remake of her mother’s track and reacted to the newest version of “Luddi Hai Jamalo”.

Nazia, who is a visual artist herself, said, “I am very happy that Coke Studio did this and took on the iconic Luddi Hai Jamalo. I really want my mother’s songs to be sung so that our youth gets to know them.” She further added that she is happy that this has happened and absolutely supports this venture.

Source: @naziaejazstudio / Instagram


She reminisced about the time when her late mother recorded the song and used to dance to it every time she heard it.



The song has been working its magic all over. People are filled to the brim with praises.

Source: Coke Studio Via Facebook


Source: Coke studio Via: Facebook


It’s great to see that Coke Studio has taken a classic and produced a rendition people actually appreciate.

Source: Coke studio Via: Facebook


Source: Coke Studio Via Facebook


You can watch Nazia talking about the song here:

Nazia Ejaz reacts to Luddi Hai Jamalo by Ali Sethi & Humaira Arshad from Coke Studio Season 11.

Nazia Ejaz, the youngest daughter of legendary singer Madam Noor Jehan, talks about her mother's legacy and reacts to Ali Sethi and Humaira Arshad's take on the iconic #LuddiHaiJamalo featured in #CokeStudio11.

Gepostet von Coke Studio am Freitag, 12. Oktober 2018


And for those of you who still haven’t heard the song, here ya go:

Let us know what you think of the song in the comments.


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