13 Struggles You'll Only Get If You Aren't A Chai Loving Person

By Momina Mindeel | 16 Mar, 2017

Are you not a chai loving person?

If you are one of those (un)fortunate people who is not a quintessential chai lover, in this chai loving Pakistan, here’s a little something for you:


1. You avoid going to people’s places just because they’ll serve you trays upon trays of chai

If you ever make the mistake of getting out of your house and finally going to that desi uncle/aunt’s place you mother has forever been insisting on visiting, you’re welcomed with chai. LOADS OF IT! At least, poch tou lain kay main chai peeti bhi hun ya nahi! Kesi presumptions hain yeh! 

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2. You just don’t get your friends’ and family’s obsession with stopping every fifteen minutes to get a cup of chai if you are on a journey 

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3. You are more productive because you take fewer chai breaks at work

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4. While everybody hounds the cafeteria, chatting and sipping chai, you just stand there like an outcast trying to understand their chai jokes 

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5. You have been even disgusted about the ‘chai cravings’ your friends keep talking about, at times

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6. When one of your lazy friends ask you to get them a cup of chai from the nearest khokha, you are suddenly confronted with you deepest, darkest fears

Kitni cheeni dalun? Pehle doodh dalun ya patti? Shit, shit what do I do?

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7. You absolutely hate all the super extra and unnecessary memes about chai on your Facebook and Twitter

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8. You shrug it off when you hear ‘sardiyan kese guzarti ho?‘ or ‘raat ko jaag kay kam kese kar leti ho?‘ almost every other day 

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9. Truth be told, you do actually curse yourself during winters for not liking chai

Because sardiiiiiiii

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10. And you’re sick and tired of saying no to people whenever they ask if you need chai

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11. And you have to stop yourself from saying ‘kitni bar na kahun?‘ every time

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12. You are scared your bae will be an avid chai lover and you’ll be the one who has to make it

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13. You particularly don’t understand this country’s obsession with chai especially during the sweaty summer season 

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But oh well, as long as they don’t make it compulsory to drink chai.


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Cover Image Via: Cosmopolitan 

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