We Asked Pakistanis All That Went Through Their Mind Before Their Nikkah And Here's What They Said

By Haadia Paracha | 16 Mar, 2017

Thoughts before Nikkah can be scary AF

With the wedding season coming, there was this one thing that was going through my mind: What is all that goes through the bride and groom’s head just a few hours before saying “qabool hai” to a lifelong commitment.

You see, even if one isn’t getting married immediately thoughts beforeĀ Nikkah are something you can’t help but think about because most of us will eventually go through it and this experience can be nerve-wracking because both, the guy and the girl, are literally signing off their lives to each other.


I decided to tweet about all that goes through people’s minds before theirĀ nikkah in hopes of others chiming in:


Soon after, people starting pouring in with their personal experiences and two cents.


There was this one guy who decided to make the chaar shaadiyon wali reference:


And this other dude perfectly encapsulated the general feeling beforeĀ nikkah pretty much everyone admits to having:


These guys who were only just thinking about food before their nikkah:

“roti kholo ji”

There were plenty of second-guessing and cold feet:



This husband-to-be was anticipating the untimely stage fright before his nikkah:

And this one had just too many thoughts:


And people taking refuge from reality by flooding their minds with some rather pointless questions before their nikkah:


There was also much contemplationĀ on the various “dynamics” of the life ahead:




“For better and for fart…”


Then, there was this fair point:



The obvious internal rants of every desi bride before nikkah:


To be shy or not to be shy…

A conundrum, indeed.


And the guy who (rather enviably) had the certainty we all should have when tying the knot:


And that’s the only way it should go down, ladies and gentleman.

Here’s to wishing all those taking the plunge a blissful life ahead.


Cover Image Via: shutterstock.com

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