People Are Angry At Nixor College In Karachi For Allegedly Putting Lives Of Chickens At Risk During A Sports Event

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 25 Dec, 2018

Nixor College in Karachi is being called for animal abuse during their event Regatta. Regatta translates into a sporting event consisting of a series of boat or yacht races, as per traditional definitions. It got redefined into an event that included what some are calling animal rights violation by the students of the Nixor College in Karachi.


A video recently circulated on the internet, showing chickens that were surrounded by a group of 48 students, and people say they were manhandled during an event.

On 15th Dec 2018, Nixor College held its annual “Raft Regatta” event at Hawksbay beach, conducted by Nixor Event Management Services – NEMS.For this event, the management gathered a flock of 6 chickens at the beach. These chickens were placed at the centre and were surrounded completely by 48 students. In an absurd turn of events, the students simultaneously rushed at these chickens in an attempt to physically grab them. Naturally, the chickens frantically tried to escape. As the horde of students attacked them, the harmless chickens were manhandled, shoved, and clearly injured.Video evidence has been attached of this absurd occurrence. If you were present at the event and considered this kind of abuse “amusement”, you are part of the problem.The apparent motive behind this was to simulate ‘survival’ for the students. I fail to understand why such kind of abuse is the only avenue they deemed fit. Whatever the motive — for a progressive educational institution to endorse such kind of animal abuse is genuinely appalling and must be called out.#EndAnimalAbusePlease leave a review on their page: Nixor College

Gepostet von Adeeluddin Siddiqui am Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2018

In an attempt to grab the chickens, the students rushed at them, shoving and attacking them. The video also apparently shows how one chicken tries to hide somewhere inside the rocks and gets injured in doing so.


This happened during Raft Regatta organized by the college’s own event management team, called the Nixor Event Management Services (NEMS).

One student from Nixor College, who was part of the event said, “At Regatta, we are supposed to do everything on our own. Cooking the meal by our self is one of the tasks assigned to the teams at the event.” And this apparently where the chickens came in.

Instead of giving chicken pieces to the students, the organizers thought of trying something new. The students were asked to catch the chickens and then hand them over to the organizers, who would later butcher them and give them to the team who was successful in catching it, for cooking purposes.

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People on social media were understandably disturbed by the premise of the event

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Following the intense backlash, the dean of Nixor College shared a written apology with the students yesterday where he took full responsibility of the horrendous event.

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As the world is progressing and focusing on animal rights, we are still no where close to making our students aware of what animal rights violation really is and why is it problematic.


However, this is not the first time the college has come under criticism.

Nixor college seems to have a tradition of hosting events that promote the opposite of being socially responsible; the water carnival – House of Dreams (HoD) – that took place in July this year, got a lot of backlash for obvious reasons; water wastage.

With back to back socially irresponsible events being organized by what appears to be a reputable educational institute in the city, the conversations around ‘but, what about animal rights?’ and ‘saving water for future’ still remain blur.

What do you guys think of the whole incident? Have something to add to the story? Let us know in the comments below.


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