These Singers From Karachi Just Made The First Muslim-Christian Christmas Song And This Is Exactly The Spirit Of Pakistan

By Zainab Ali | 25 Dec, 2018

Merry Christmas to all those celebrating and for everyone else, let’s take this opportunity to learn and be a part of others’ happiness. My Christian helper recently just brought bangles for me and said it was her Christmas present for us, and it filled me up with joy. The season brings in unity and harmony throughout various culture and religious folds.


Singers Haider and Michelle just released the first Pakistani Muslim Christian Christmas song

The song by Haider Ali Chao, a Muslim, and Michelle Sabastian, a Christian caught our eye on YouTube for its powerful message.

Source: TNA Records / YouTube

The song unifies both the communities present in Pakistan, and gives a message of ‘we are one’ and the importance of unity. It depicts the different cultural and religious aspects in Pakistan, and how through sharing and recognizing each other’s hardships, we can celebrate each others joys as well.


We spoke with Haider, one of the singers, about this wonderful idea, and what exactly inspired them to do it.

He shared, “Michelle and I have known each other since forever, eight years to be exact, and despite coming from very different religious backgrounds, we’ve never felt like we were different people.”

Source: TNA Records / YouTube

“Our Director/Producer, Ali Arman Baltistani was the person who initiated the making of the song and we were up for it the moment we heard about the concept. He was the one who suggested that we put the message in the form of a song so it reaches more people.”


Haider explains how the main aim of the song was to promote inter-religious peace and unity especially between Muslims and Christians. 

Source: TNA Records / YouTube

Haider further elaborated, “No religion teaches hatred and both the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran teach us to be nothing but virtuous, to love one another and do nothing to hurt a soul. That’s the message we want to get across with our song.”

“It was a lot of hard work but I see that it is paying off. I just hope that people continue to appreciate and share the song and welcome the message behind it positively,” shares Haider.

Pakistan has been going through a tough time with extremist violence behavior, and initiatives like these definitely provide a hope for this country to have a better, more peaceful future. Great job Haider and Michelle!


You can give the song a listen here:


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