Lahore Grammar School, Johar Town Branch's Principal Has Allegedly Resigned After Being Caught Beating Students And People Are Torn

By Kashaf | 23 Dec, 2018

A well-known private school has recently come under fire for using corporal punishment to discipline the students. Lahore Grammar School’s Johar Town branch (known as LGS JT) has been a popular all-boys school in Lahore for many years. The school is making headlines this week as many current and former students have come forward on social media to share their stories of being physically abused by the administration.

source: Facebook/ LGS JT Boys

The principal, Faiqa Afzal, has allegedly resigned after allegations of her physically abusing to her students came forth.


In a video circulating on Facebook, you can see many boys standing in line with their hands behind their back. You then see Faiqa Afzal slap a student hard across the face.

Ammar Hammad Khan, a graduate of LGS JT, took to Facebook to express his personal experiences with the principal:

“I noticed stark differences in how the administration influenced the progress of each student: the principal’s monopoly on student grades and emotions, the focus on practically worshipping the principal as our ‘mother’ and complete obedience to the rules of the school.”

Students of LGS JT are supposedly taught to treat the principal as a “mother” and it was very common for her to discipline through slapping, punching, pushing, and pulling.

Gepostet von Ammar Hammad Khan am Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2018

Another student came forward to talk about the corporal punishment he received at his time in LGS JT.

Recently I came across this video on Facebook which showed a moulvi mercilessly beating up a bunch of kids, in a…

Gepostet von Hamza Fawad am Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2018

After Ammar’s post, many students wrote about their personal experiences at the school with the hashtag #FIXJT.

LGS JT has one of the best academic performances in Lahore and is known as one of the best all-boys institutions. According to some students and parents, Faiqa Afzal was very loved by students and it’s hard for some to believe these accusations. Some believe that the “abuse” was very light and out of love. Many students have even made a petition to support Faiqa Afzal.


Many people were shocked that such an elite private school practiced such horrific methods to discipline the students.

source: Facebook/ Ammar Hammad Khan

Most people agreed that what she did was absolutely unacceptable.

source: Facebook/ Ammar Hammad Khan

However, many people agreed with what the principal did.

source: Facebook/ Ammar Hammad Khan

Some complained that this student just wanted attention and that everything good that the principal has done is overshadowed by her beating children.

source: Facebook/ Ammar Hammad Khan

A school should be a safe, healthy place for children, not somewhere they are being emotionally and physically abused. If a student fears the teacher, then the school can start being a living hell for them, even leading to immense psychological damage.

What do you think about this whole situation? Should the principal have resigned? Is what she did justified? Let us know in the comments.


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