This Father In Karachi Just Revealed How His 6 Year Old Is Being ‘Tortured’ By Her School For Wearing Mehndi

By Rameeza Ahmad | 27 Nov, 2018

While every school has its own set of rules and regulations, punishing students for wearing mehndi is plain cruel.


The private school system is a thriving industry within Pakistan. There are schools in every nook and cranny, especially within large cities. A lot of these schools manage to remain undetected by authorities and thus are not regulated by any governmental body. This means they have free rein over whatever they choose to do. As with rules in most schools, they exercise certain dress code rules based on their own personal preferences and moral compass.


This private school in Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi decided to take their policy to a whole other level.

They have made it a rule for students not to have any mehndi on their hands and if they do, they will be punished until and unless all the mehndi has faded away.



The issue was brought to light by Arsalan Tariq, a concerned and disgruntled father to a 6-year-old girl.

He took to Facebook to seek advice about the predicament he was in. His daughter was returning from school quite upset for the last few days, upon inquiry it turned out that the administration and staff at her school were ‘punishing’ her for having mehndi on her hands.

According to the father, Arsalan Tariq his daughter is not allowed to stand in on the daily morning assembly but is made to stand on one side. Then she is scolded in front of her whole class before she is allowed to sit in. She does not get to enjoy her daily break but instead is made to sit inside as punishment. And she gets both verbal and written notices daily as well.

I need your views.My 6yr old daughter, student of Class 1 is being punished on daily basis due to henna (mehndi) color…

Gepostet von Arsalan Tariq am Montag, 26. November 2018


The father complained about how this was ‘mental torture’ for his little girl and his only option to get rid of the mehndi was to cut off her hands.

While it is understandable that school’s have their own rules and regulations, this is honestly a ridiculous ask. Mehndi is a big part of Pakistan’s culture and usually, it stays on for a couple of days. Expecting students have it removed fully is ridiculous unless the school deems it okay for children to be exposed to bleaching agents for the purpose!

The mehndi is in no way hindering the student’s ability to study and participate in her academic life, so its presence or absence should not matter even a little bit. And some people were of the same opinion as well.

Source: Arsalan Tariq/Facebook


Source: Arsalan Tariq/Facebook


Source: Arsalan Tariq/Facebook


Source: Arsalan Tariq/Facebook


A few people thought the school was justified in their rules and in punishing the little girl for breaking said rule. While even if this rule is justified, there is no justification for picking on a child repeatedly for something they cannot control; like how fast their mehndi will fade.


What do you think about this school’s behavior towards students with mehndi on their hands? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover Image Source: Arsalan Tariq via

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