Nawaz Sharif's Verdict Has Been Delayed For The 5th Time Today, And Pakistanis Just CANNOT

By Biya Haq | 6 Jul, 2018

Today is a day that will go down in history, “Kuch Der Baad,

Pakistanis all over the world sit in anticipation for Nawaz Sharif to receive the verdict on whether or not he will be sent to prison as he has been charged with multiple high-profile corruption cases.

The case has made it as far as trending number ONE on Pakistani Twitter.

Source: Twitter

It is taking AGES and in Pakistani fashion, it looks like no one can really tell when the verdict will ACTUALLY be announced.

Sound familiar?

Source: MangoBaaz

And like everything in this country, the decision has been delayed AGAIN.

Suffice to say, Pakistanis are going absolutely crazy waiting around for the decision and though it’s absolutely frustrating, the tweets that have come out of it have been absolutely FIRE.

Nothing truer has been said. ^

And friends, that was just before.

Finally, we got some clarity,

But then again, even though the verdict was just beginning to be announced, another delay had officially been announced.


But there’s not much we can do at this point, all we can do is sit around and wait for the verdict in a quiet and timely fashion. Lol.

Stick around on MangoBaaz for an update on the verdict, we, like all of you are watching v v v closely. Love you.

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Cover photo source: @LeMeFaizan Via Twitter/Dunya News

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