Nawaz Sharif Said He's Contesting Elections Against “Aliens” And People Can’t Stop Trolling Him

By Sarmad Amer | 3 May, 2018

Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leader Nawaz Sharif addressed a large political rally in Sadiqabad on Wednesday May 2, 2018. With election activities appearing to have commenced in full force after rival, PTI’s massive rally in Lahore on April 29, Mr. Sharif and his party’s show of strength in the Southern Punjab city is a response to that.


During the rally in Sadiqabad, Nawaz Sharif said something cryptic but very interesting that caught a lot of attention

While addressing his main political rivals, Imran Khan and Asif Ali Zardari, he said that PML N did not have a competition with these political parties but with ‘Aliens’. Oh yes, you heard that right. He used the words khalayi makhlooq but you get the point.


Obviously people have found that not only very strange but also very entertianining


And as expected, there are lots of people trolling Nawaz Sharif for using that term to describe his political rivals


Many are pitching the iconic Bollywood alien ‘Jadoo’ with Mr. Sharif as a joke


Even political leaders like Nabil Gabol, here, have shared their opinions about the statements by the former Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Mr. Gabol, of PPP, among others, dared Mr. Sharif to explain who he was addressing as ‘aliens’ and even said that his party may support Mr. Sharif if he goes on to take names and be bold in whatever accusations he was trying to lay.


But the awaam has found its opportunity to savagely troll yet another political leader and they’re not letting go any time soon


There were Infinity War jokes


And past tweets were resurrected


Even invoking NASA’s help to find out who the aliens of Nawaz Sharif’s nightmares are


Some eagle eyed observes even claimed they sighted UFOs flying over the rally in Sadiqabad


But all in all, it’s been a thoroughly entertaining moment for Pakistanis


What do you think about Mr. Sharif’s comments and do you agree that none of the mainstream political parties pose virtually no challenge to PML N, as he claimed in the rally?


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