Nasir Khan Jan Just Savagely Roasted An Indian Troll Who Tried To Drag Him For His Looks

By Maliha Khan | 14 Jul, 2019

Nasir Khan Jan took on an Indian troll and it’s hilarious.

Nasir Khan Jan is no stranger to hate or being in the public eye. I mean you either love him and appreciate his art form or you just don’t understand him and therefore, dislike him – not much room for anything in-between. Ever since he came back on social media, he has been stirring up Pakistani social platforms and I am all for it.


Well, he is back and this time, trolling a troll, because he’s a legend. It started with a picture Nasir Khan Jan tweeted of himself.

The caption read, “Ager Handsome Hona Jurm Hai To Haan Main Mujrim Hu“.

Wah, wah, wah, kya bat hai. Kaise karletay ho tum Nasir Khan Jan? Give me some of that confidence, please?

Then, naturally, a hater came along to try and ruin Nasir Khan Jan’s day.

The tweet went like this: “Anda jab ubalte hue time pateele mein hi fat jata hai.. Wese lag re ho“. I don’t think this bandi knew what she was getting herself into.

Now comes the fun part, Nasir Khan Jan’s response went a little something like this: “Itni pheeki comedy pe sirf sidhu paa g hanstay hain.”

I mean the guy is pretty straight-forward and in your face, to begin with, we wouldn’t expect anything less than this savagery.

And Pakistanis are still cracking up…

LOL people are enjoying the show

The feeling is mutual

Perfectly said

One word to say it all

What did you think of Nasir Khan Jan’s savage response?


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