Narendra Modi Just Changed His Name To ‘Chowkidaar’ On Twitter And Is This Really A Joke?

By Biya Haq | 18 Mar, 2019

Things are getting a little weird over in India.

Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, just added the word ‘Chowkidaar’ to his Twitter handle.


Modi, who has been under fire recently in India, Pakistan and pretty much the rest of the world has been trying to claw his way back to the front of the finish line, to win the national elections.

In his latest efforts, Modi just launched the campaign, “Main Bhi Chowkidaar” in which Modi and other members of his political party have added the word ‘chowkidaar’ to their Twitter handles. This campaign calls for people within India to be their country’s own chowkidaars and fight for the progress and welfare of their country.

The campaign has been started to show that Modi along with the people in his political party are making sure the people of India know that Modi and his associates are they for the people and by the people.

So far, it seems that the campaign has been picking up speed and winning the hearts of Indians all over the world.

People have been eating up Modi’s campaign plan and his feelings towards bringing about true change in India and giving its people what they deserve.

But really, this whole thing is pretty much a joke.

And honestly bro, HOW CAN IT NOT BE. This man legitimately used his own country’s people to fight with its neighbour. He escalated tensions within his country by escalating tension with another country all so that he could win an election.

This guy was okay with the fact that the Indian Air Force launched a $50 MILLION dollar at a MISSILE at a BALLOON because presumably, it went perfectly well with his ‘I hate you Pakistan’ plan.

How are you going to sit there and tell me that adding a word to your Twitter handle is going to be enough to get me to vote for you to run my country? Words are just words and the fact that Modi put ‘chowkidaar’ next to his name at all honestly gives a bad name to chowkidaar’s everywhere.

Following his behaviour after the Pulwama attack, the Balakot incident and all the events that took place subsequently after, I don’t see why the rest of the nation hasn’t added ‘Dhoka’ next to his name instead.

Even Indian’s own media, who is infamous for running its mouth off on Pakistan every chance it gets can see that this campaign is a sham.

A Prime Minister is meant to be poised, strong and in the favour and welfare of his people. Instead, Modi used the anti-Pakistan sentiment to fuel his own campaign’s fire which wasn’t even around in the first place. It seems that Modi’s main campaign agenda seems to be feeding off of what the people want to hear and not what he is capable of.

Just take New Zealand’s PM for instance, in a time of absolute crisis following the Churchcity terrorist attack, Jacinda Ardern was praised for her diplomacy.

Her true compassion and humanity shone through some dark times and was brighter than the prejudices of many which allowed the Muslim community in New Zealand to feel loved and protected in such a harsh time.

Our own Prime Minister, Imran Khan was praised by leaders all over the world for how he handled a possible nuclear situation.

Not tooting our own horn here, but it was a pretty impressive thing. He was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Well, lol, almost. Also not saying that these leaders are completely innocent and haven’t not been found guilty of playing a strategic game of their own.

And look, if you’re reading this and you are from India, this point of view is not coming from a Pakistan VS India standpoint. This is coming from a person who can see when another country’s people are being manipulated or used by a political figure who is ready to ‘promise’ anything for their own personal gain.

So while Modi’s campaign may be winning the hearts of Indians who are hearing what they want to hear, it really just seems like a cop-out from a leader who doesn’t really seem to give a fuck about how his people are actually doing. Just. Saying.

Have you seen Modi’s new campaign? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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