Najam Sethi Tried To Drag Reham Over Imran Khan's Latest Divorce Rumors And She's Not Having It

By Noor | 31 Mar, 2019

Najam Sethi is known for his strong political opinions and aggressive writing skills but this time a BOLD revelation by Sethi has brought him into the limelight.


Basically, Najam Sethi commented on the marital life of Prime Minister Imran Khan and revealed that there’s trouble in Bani Gala.

He stated that a conflict between Khan and Bushra Bibi escalated and as a result of this close friends were asked for help. He also went on to say that this news might become the source of happiness for the ex-wives of Khan. Here’s a short clip of Sethi stating the same:

Talking about how “kaam tamaam” honay wala tha and how hard it is to settle down, he ends his message by saying: “Main jaatey jaatey main keh doon ke yeh baat Reham Khan tak aur Jemima Khan tak pohncha dein.”

Via Tumblr

This video was followed by a strong reaction from PTI supporters who were pretty angry because of Sethi’s interference in Khan’s personal matters.

People urged Sethi to only criticize the policies of Khan and asked him to not discuss Khan’s personal life.

They said that the entire show was just another round of shameful gossiping.

People asserted that Sethi’s claims were nothing but mere attention-seeking stunts. 

They pointed out the degradation of the quality of news shared on national television.

A few PTI supporters dragged in Mira Sethi too.

REALLY telling of how we treat women, guys. Why exactly is Mira being held responsible for her father’s choices and actions? Makes zero sense. Cheap shots.

There have been several personal attacks on the actress.

Reham Khan responded to Sethi’s statement and asserted that she’s not an evil person who celebrates the breakage of homes. 

She further said that she is not the kind of person who causes divorces in marriages and she’s not the one who’s happy if other couples don’t get along.

Sis makes some valid points, waisay. He dragged her in, willy nilly.

PTI supporters STILL found it hard to digest this version of Reham Khan and went on to troll her brutally.

They talked about how she wrote an entire book assassinating Khan’s character, yet doesn’t want the label of an evil person

People claimed that Sethi’s confessions about Reham are true and that she might be happy as a result of Khan’s divorce

Najam Sethi’s confessions have infuriated PTI supporters who have targeted the entire Sethi family and in particular Mira Sethi. But they’re also targeting Reham now. So…yeah. I guess there’s just a lot of unneeded anger all around.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Let us know everything in the comments below.


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