Faryal Makhdoom Just Wished All The “MILFs” Out There A Happy Mother's Day And I'm So Confused

By Mashal Abbasi | 31 Mar, 2019

Faryal Makhdoom first came into the spotlight when she married boxer Amir Khan, but she’s definitely made it on her own since then.

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Keep your dreams alive ☁️

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From revealing family drama on social media to her incessant “bitches be like” Snapchat rants, the mama of two certainly knows how to stay in the limelight. Enter her latest Instagram post – an adorable picture of her and daughter Lamaisah.

What an adorable picture, but HAVE YOU READ HER CAPTION?

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It’s sweet that Faryal’s put out a message wishing mothers a Happy Mother’s Day as today is the day in the UK. But the second part of her caption has definitely raised eyebrows, I mean, MILFS? LOL. It’s funny but I’m also very confused.

Now, what does MILF actually mean? This was a question asked by many in the comments.

Well, Google’s definition is “a sexually attractive older woman, typically one who has children. It also stands for Mom I’d Like to Fuck, to put it bluntly. Which brings me to my question – sis, we’re all for positivity and all, but what about moms who aren’t MILFs? Are ALL moms being categorized as MILFs? The term itself, I’m not too sure about.

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While I’m still a little shook and confused, let’s just say the post has had mixed reactions. People weren’t down with the terminology.

Most people are straight up PISSED at the way that she’s referring to mothers

@Faryalmakhdoom / Instagram
@Faryalmakhdoom / Instagram
@Faryalmakhdoom / Instagram
@Faryalmakhdoom / Instagram
@Faryalmakhdoom / Instagram

Classic Faryal. But chalo, I’m guessing she’s chill with her followers. I’m a bit on the fence because I’m not sure if this objectifies moms or if it leans more towards celebrating them. What do yu guys think? Let me know.


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