Nadia Hussain Just Made A Seriously Disgusting Comment On THAT PIA Video And Like, WTF

By Iman Zia | 9 Aug, 2018

Nadia Hussain continues her online tirades, with the latest attack on women who belittled that screaming mother onboard a PIA flight – a video that went viral on social media. The video showcased various passengers suffocating from poor conditions onboard the flight after the staff turned off the air conditioning. Children were screaming, and a particular mother engaged in a verbal altercation with various air hosts after her child was suffering for almost 2.5 hours.


Model Nadia Hussain responded to various negative comments about the traumatized mother that she was being overly dramatic and was overreacting

Nadia explained how livid she was at the entire situation, in particular, the fact that women were degrading the mother with comments like ‘drama queen illiterate people,’ and ‘yeh aurat paki pagal hai bacha theek hai, khud ko problem hai…’ The model went on to condemn such comments whereby women were essentially bringing down other women in her selfie video that coupled the original PIA video.


Nadia then wished death upon the women who commented, saying that “agar unke bache hain toh” that they too should suffocate and die in this manner, before stating that these women don’t deserve children.


Nadia then posted another series of videos after comments flooded in, criticising Nadia for saying such brash comments about death

Nadia defended her statements, saying that it came from the wrath of a mother and that those who condemned her don’t realize the love a mother has for her children. She said she completely stood by what she said, claiming that if women like those in the comments section don’t hear such rash words or threats against their loved ones, then they won’t ever change.

Eye for an eye!!!! Think before you comment!!!!!

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The mother from the video, Zoya Fayyaz commented on the model’s post about her harrowing experience onboard

Source: @nadiahussain_khan/Instagram


Allegedly she had to put her son in the fridge after he succumbed to a worse state

Source: @nadiahussain_khan/Instagram


Source: @nadiahussain_khan/Instagram


This Horrifying Video Of A Delayed PIA Flight Is Making A Lot Of People Very Angry

Nadia Hussain Turned Into A Fierce Mom After A “Kuttia” Troll Hated On Her Children 👑 👑 👑

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