Humaima Malick Is Accusing This Hotel In Lahore For Harrasing And Invading Her Privacy

By Iman Zia | 9 Aug, 2018

Humaima Malick has accused famous hotel ‘Nishat Hotel’ of breaching her privacy during her stay. The prestigious hotel is known for housing celebrities in Lahore and is a well-known facility in the entertainment industry. Humaima took to social media to talk about her disturbing experience at Nishat Hotel, whereby various business cards were slipped under her hotel room door after the management leaked details of her stay to various guests.


Source: @humaimamalick/Instagram


Humaima shared her harrowing account at the hotel where the management ‘Talha and Mr. Ali Imran’ passed on details of her stay to zealous hotel guests wishing to meet her

“I can’t emphasize this enough as the number of times actresses, models, singers, and performers are made the subjects of harassment,” said the actress. She stated how she can’t recall how many times ‘business cards of men’ she doesn’t know ‘have been slipped under the door of [her] hotel room at various well known and supposedly safe hotels.’


The hotel allegedly deliberately made it public knowledge that the actress was staying at their establishment and gave intimate details of her stay to an eager hotel guest thereby making her feel very unsafe – despite telling the staff that she was feeling violated.


Humaima also shared a screenshot of the string of WhatsApp messages she received after the hotel management shared her phone number with a particular hotel guest

The actress said she was crying in her room when the hotel guest, who remains unnamed could hear her and then went on to message her after passing his business card under her door. He opened up his offer by first introducing himself and claiming he was only reaching out for work purposes.

However, the guest lost all sense of professionalism after telling her ‘whoever made [her] cry isn’t worth it’ and that she ‘deserve[s] better than that.’ He kept bombarding her with messages, asking if she was okay and insisted he is ‘not a creep,’ rather a ‘peoples person.’


What are your thoughts on Humaima’s allegations?


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