Fans Think That Nadia Afgan Is The Best Thing To Happen To “Suno Chanda 2” And We Couldn’t Agree More

By Iman Zia | 28 May, 2019

Right from the dawn of season one, Nadia Afgan, aka Shahana has been the BEST thing about ‘Suno Chanda;’ (don’t @ me).

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It’s pretty obvious why Shahana is the heart of the show – it transcends her witty dialogue and gobsmackingly hilarious Punjabi that has you in fits; she is the quintessential, fierce on-screen mother that had been ebbed away from dramas for a long time.


Shahana is one of the very few characters keeping the comedy alive on ‘Suno Chanda.’




The most admirable things about Shahana is that despite moving to Karachi after she got married, she hasn’t left any part of her behind; neither her culture nor her language.

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Apne tareekay se chalti hai,” said Nadia to us in an interview – she’s unswayed by anyone.


Shahana won’t let Arsal get away with BS just because he’s her son, and always calls him out for it – thus being the best mother EVER.


Shahana isn’t just a great mother, but she’s also the best saas, always giving Jiya the love and attention every bahu deserves.

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Shahana celebrates Jiya’s dream to go abroad and is legit the only one in the family on her side!


She can put ANYONE into place – she’s outspoken, unfiltered and utterly brilliant in practically every way.

Source: MD Productions


Her Punjabi dialogues are EPIC!


She might not speak English very well but she knocks the language out the park WITH SO MUCH CONFIDENCE!


Her character kickstarted a Tik Tok phenomena with fans sharing their renditions of Shahana’s witty dialogues.

What is ‘Suno Chanda’ without Nadia Afgan? Nadia Afgan / Shahana for president, please.


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