Here Are 11 Of The Hottest Muslim Football Players In Russia 2018 That Will Make You Say Qabool Hai

By Rameeza Ahmad | 4 Jul, 2018

The world cup is currently underway in Russia and everyone is going crazy. But if you’re not into football, it can get a little… boring.

So if you don’t love the game, that’s okay, you can totally still love the players. Specifically, the Muslim footballers.

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And before you men go crazy saying we can’t objectify guys and athletes and blah blah blah, we get it, and we agree. These men are (ABB)solutely talented and their athletic abilities are unparalleled but you should probably just hop out now because right now, we’re just going to appreciate their beautiful faces.

Well then, this is the PERFECT list for you because these Muslim footballers are men even your ammi will approve of!

1. Sam Morsy


Say Masha’Allah for our Muslim brother.

2. Mahmoud Hamdy


Ooh boy, I won’t be keeping you a secret.

3. Salem Al-Dawsari


Marrying this Saudi hottie means free Umrahs all the time. SCORE!

4. Ramadan Sobhi


I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind this Ramadan all year long.

5. Achraf Hakimi


No words.

6. Nabil Dirar


Is there an award for the footballer with the best smile because he would definitely win!

7. Amine Harit


Now he’s totally wajid-ul-cuddle

8. Nabil Fekir


I am 100% rooting for you.

9. Aziz Behich


I mean, you can’t really pronounce the last name but with a face like that who cares?

10. Sam Khedira


10/10 would recommend getting lost in these eyes.

11. Mohamed Kanno


These boys clearly came to play with more than just footballs.

12. Adnan Januzaj


Haye Allah.

13. The Entire Irani Football Team


Just… Masha’Allah x 11. There’s one for everyone!

Honestly forget Christiano Ronaldo, we just gave you a TON of Halal Options!

Seriously, football has NEVER looked so good.

So ladies (and some gentlemen?) let us know which of these Muslim footballers was your favorite, chime off in the comments below!

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