Who Really Is Responsible For All The Damage In Lahore Due To The Heavy Rain, Yesterday?

By Alveena Jadoon | 4 Jul, 2018

Since the last couple of years, the heat spell in Lahore was becoming more torturous. April – which used to be a very cool month – started experiencing long spells of heat; eventually leading to a very long summer. The lack of plantation drives also facilitates the dust storms and adds to the discomfort of the people. However, this year around – the spell was finally broken due to monsoon season hitting the area early.


The earliest monsoon showers this year were experienced over Eid ul Fitr and were predicted by the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD)

Source: dnd.com.pk


The PMD also predicted more rains during the month of July – which means that the government had ample amount of time to take the necessary measures to avoid any mishap

However adhocism plagues every institution of this country and unless and until we are not thrown into the situation, there is no strategy devised to either avoid that situation or resolve it when it happens. We have similar examples when it comes to the energy crisis. The government made huge claims that the problem had been resolved but the “well predicted” heat spell of last April was all it took to show how ill-prepared the authorities were for the situation. And even though, it did not take them long to handle the situation – had these measures been taken before, many could have avoided hours of no electricity.

No wonder each season, instead of being a source of relief, becomes a dilemma to be dealt with


An aspect of the entire ordeal which further agitated the masses was that some of the roads – an experience which Lahore is very famous for – which had been reconstructed just recently could not stay put in the heavy rain

An example of this is the sinkhole which appeared on Mall Road in front of GPO. It is common knowledge that the road was reconstructed only about three months ago but it is clear from the rainfall that it was not made with these precautionary measures and failed to provide citizens a secure route. If our buildings, and roads or any other infrastructure is not built with these concerns in mind, then our city development plan is a huge disappointment.

According to the PMD, Pakistan has witnessed heavy rains before in the month of July and this was well within historical averages.

140mm of rain poured over Lahore in the span of 24 hours. This is a lot of rain, especially in cities which can be easily flooded if the rain does not stop. However such rains should be expected during the monsoon season and plans should be made to deal with it. There was still no alerting citizens to remain inside until absolutely necessary or to declare a holiday to avoid the mishaps which took place because everything was entirely covered in water. Hospitals should have been alerted because it is very natural that accidents would take place during such times. Lastly, it is very important to alert the government machinery to perform duties as required of them.

It is a shame that city management does not cater to the rainfall and the means to control its effects, however this effect isn’t just a problem with Lahore

This year, for example, Paris, France was also hit by severe rainfalls but at least the authorities were up to date with whatever was happening around in the city. Of course, cities cannot be revamped to adjust to flooding but planning accordingly helps significantly. Here in Pakistan, inquiries have to be launched to check who did not perform their duties well.


There was no electricity in the city as well – a commodity which is rarely available anyway

It is not difficult to discern that while our power demands can now be met due to sufficient amount of energy being produced, our transmission lines need to be improved. The old transmission lines are not equipped to carry such high voltage and need to be changed to ensure a steady supply of current.

If these are things that an ordinary citizen can pick up, it should not be difficult for the authorities to do so too!


Lahore, at this time, is a disappointment and a show of poor city management and planning

The sewerage and drainage system is the primary problem. And this is especially true for areas which are not categorized as developed. If these basic problems are yet to be resolved, the public will keep these aspects in mind during the upcoming elections.



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cover image via arabnews.pk

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