Muniba Mazari Just Called Out Fayyaz Chohan For Saying That Children With Disabilities Are An ”Azaab” On Parents

By Maryam Khalid | 17 Mar, 2020

Muniba Mazari Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan

In recent days, Pakistan and basically the entire world, are taking up strategic measures to fight the novel Corona. The entire public is looking towards the government at this point in time. And when a press conference happened, Fayaz Chohan showed up with his derogatory comments.


In a press conference regarding briefing on the Coronavirus pandemic, Fayyaz Chohan made some insensitive remarks about people with disabilities

He said that having children with a disability is a punishment by God and an azaab for parents. The press conference included all the provincial ministers and focused on information dissemination for Corona. Targeting the retailers who stock essential supplies, Fayaz said that they’ll get punishments from God in the form of children with disabilities.



Pakistanis were naturally baffled by his insensitive statement


Muniba Mazari, wheelchair-bound artist and activist also slammed the terrible remarks by Fayyaz Chohan

She called on Prime Minister Imran Khan to ask his team to show empathy, wisdom, decency and grace, calling the remarks by Mr. Chohan as “shameful”. She also said that she herself was a differently abled person and her mother is proud of her, instead of as Mr. Chohan had said, considering her an azaab.


Sharing with sentiments of Muniba Mazari regarding Fayyaz Chohan, Minsiter for Human Rights Shireen Mazari also called out the offensive statement


People came out defending people with disabilities against the remarks of the PTI minister


They were enraged at the Government for giving him a provincial position again after he was once removed for a similarly insensitive statement

Remember when Fayaz Chohan embarrassed us with his racist remarks for Hindus?


Supporting the sentiment of Muniba Mazari against Fayyaz Chohan, Pakistanis are demanding for action to be taken against him yet again



Muniba Mazari and other people are rightfully calling out Fayyaz Chohan for his verbal diarrhea. Ministers should look out for their language when they’re addressing masses. Such problematic views would only make the people question their credibility for such a position. And it’s about time that Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan realizes better than to be an ignorant fool.


People Are Asking For Fayaz Chohan To Be Fired After His Disgusting Remarks About Hindus Have Embarassed PTI


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