People Are Asking For Fayaz Chohan To Be Fired After His Disgusting Remarks About Hindus Have Embarassed PTI

By Sannia Bilal | 5 Mar, 2019

Fayaz Chohan under fire for his disgusting remarks


In recent days, the world has seen tensions rise and fall among India and Pakistan in a matter of days. With that being said, a recent statement by Provincial Minister of Punjab, Fayaz ul Hassan Chohan, regarding our Hindu friends has startled most of us.


At a press conference, Fayaz Chohan forgot to draw a line when he went on a rant for Indians across the border

He shared his racist and derogatory remarks about Hindus who, may be he forgot, represent the white in our own flag. He said that Muslims are much superior than Hindus and distinguished the latter with names like “cow urine drinkers” and “Idol worshipers”.

Consequently, his comments  have been garnering response from both the countries residing at either end of the border.


Pakistanis are unanimously asking for the guy to be sacked for discriminating our religious minorities.

The top three trends on Pakistani Twitter are around his statement.

Via: Twitter


People are asking for action to be taken right away with reference to what Islam teaches us.


Pakistani Hindus are naturally offended by the words of the provincial minister

It was also highlighted how Fayaz Chohan had embarrassed not only his party but also his whole country


They also mentioned that the guy doesn’t deserve to represent PTI with his mindset.

Quite frankly, he doesn’t deserve to represent Pakistan.


Examples were shared of our Hindu brothers who have fought and sacrificed their lives for our country


People are offering apology to Hindu community on behalf of the provincial minister


It was also mentioned that apologies from the government are not enough, we need to sack him now before he causes us more trouble.

Because we’re sure, he will.

Some are even asking for blasphemy law to be exercised against him because being from the Muslim majority doesn’t give him the right to make such derogatory remarks against another religion


People even highlighted the relevant clause of Pakistan’s Penal Code.


Veteran actress Nadia Jamil also urged Human Rights Minister, Shireen Mazari, to look in to the matter.


To which, Shireen Mazari promptly replied saying she condemns this and no one should be given the right to attack someone else’s religion.

Furthermore, she said that Hindu citizens have sacrificed their lives for our country and that our PM always encourages us to respect them and “we cannot condone any kind of bigotry or spread of religious hatred”.


Other party heads and the party itself had to speak up against the remarks after severe backlash


This has gone too far now, we owe it to our Hindu fellow countrymen for their sacrifices to our country so we could walk on this soil as a free nation. The time to change is now. We, Pakistanis collectively and unanimously demand for the removal of any such representatives of Pakistan who cannot respect the beliefs of our minorities. It’s time to set a strong precedent against any kind of racism and bigotry that figures like Fayaz Chohan portray.

Lastly, to all Pakistanis who rejected the idea of hurting the sentiments of our Hindu friends, way to go! This is the Pakistan that we’ve longed for.



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