Alex Hales Just Issued A Statement After Rumors That He Left PSL Because He Has Coronavirus

By Noor | 17 Mar, 2020

Alex Hales has finally shut down all the rumors

With the rapid spread of the Coronavirus in Pakistan, and around the world, authorities were bound to take strict measures to contain the transmission of the disease and the recent announcement to call off the on-going Pakistan Super League 2020 has been taken as a welcome decision.


As the PSL was called off earlier today, rumors started circulating that it was because Alex Hales of Karachi Kings had shown symptoms of Coronavirus

In a press conference in Lahore, MD Pakistan Cricket Board Wasim Khan stated, “Nobody is playing cricket internationally, it is a pandemic situation. Safety comes first, cricket comes second.”

He further explained, “We have been following the government’s advice [in the matter]. First, we took the decision to play matches in empty stadiums, then we gave players the option to leave, then we reduced the number of matches, we took 2-3 measures but after this suspected case, we made this decision.”



Alex Hales, who plays for the English cricket team,  had recently announced he was immediately leaving Pakistan after the coronavirus became more widespread globally

Before the PSL was completely called off this morning, a majority of the foreign players had already returned to their countries due to safety concerns. The commentators and other players all are going to get tested, according to reports.


While the PCB didn’t officially name the player they suspected of showing Coronavirus symptoms, Ramiz Raja did give an interview naming him


This led to fans being angry that the PCB wouldn’t officially confirm which of their favorite cricketers could possibly have been diagnosed with the ongoing disease


Thankfully, Alex just issued a statement putting to rest all the rumors about his health

While his statement assures he arrived in the UK as a healthy individual, he does reveal that he woke up the next day with fever but hasn’t been allowed to be tested yet. This could possibly be because of the policy in place by the UK Government that not everyone showing symptoms of fever or cough are tested without it persisting for at least a week.


While this statement does put to rest rumors, the fact that it doesn’t confirm that Alex doesn’t have the current pandemic virus does put a bit of a dark cloud.



Cricket fans said that they understand the intensity of the situation because safety comes first

All of them appreciated this move by PCB to cancel the on-going PSL and stated that is a wise decision.

Hope you’re washing your hands properly and for at least twenty seconds. Stay safe everyone!


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