Muneeb Butt Just Shared The Beautiful Way He Surprised His Mother With An Umrah During Ramazan

By Iman Zia | 20 May, 2019

Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan recently returned from their first Umrah together as a married couple. The couple ringed in the dawn of Ramazan in the Holy City, updating fans about their special journey on social media.

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After Muneeb and Aiman, Muneeb’s parents just embarked on their Umrah too.

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The actor shared this picture on his Instagram and coupled it with an incredibly endearing story behind it.

Muneeb talked about how happy his mother was when she found out he would be going on Umrah, and how she showered him in “loads of duas and love.” He went on to notice how she really wanted to go too but kept shying away from telling Muneeb how she felt.

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When Muneeb and Aiman were about to leave, his mother wished she could also one day go during Ramazan.

As soon as the actor landed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, he got in touch with his younger brother Junaid and collectively decided to gift their mother a very special Mother’s Day gift; here’s his full story:

Hey everyone! I have something to share…
My Umrah was planned at very last minute and I told my family that i’m going a week before jab meri ammi ko ye baat pata chali tao she was very excited and happy , she gave me loads of dua’s and love but i noticed k meri maa ka bht dil chah raha hai janey ka which she is not expressing she is not telling me and the last moment when i was leaving she finally said ,”Beta dua karna k tumhari ammi abu ka bhi bulawaa ajaye Ramzan me humarey bhi naseeb khuljaiyen “

When i reached makkah the first thing i did was contacting my younger brother @junaid.butt110 shared this idea with him to give surprise gift of umrah in last 15 days of Ramzan to ammi on mother’s day my brother was onboard with me on this idea ,we finally got every formality done secretly and when i came back on 12 may(mother’s day) me and my brother went to ammi wished mother’s day and i handed her some SAR (Saudi Riyal) saying ,”ye kuch Riyaal bachgaye thay ammi rakhlein” Ammi asked ,”iskaa me kya karun..?” I replied c”apki flight h Umrah ki ap wahan makkah me kharch kijyega ab” 
She couldn’t control her emotions and burst into tears she was soooo happy and excited and then we surprised Abu his emotion were the same,
Today i dropped them at the Airport and felt something special in my heart 💓 that feeling is unexplainable.
The reason of sharing this story is that i want to convey this message to u that parents are special We should take care of them fulfill their dreams the way they did ours give them time and importance We are lucky we have them ask those who wants to do it but they are late.
Allah hum sabkey maa baap ka saya hum per salamat rakhey.
Have a safe flight Ammi abu umrah mubarak in advance 🕋😍😍🙏🙏

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Aiman couldn’t help compliment her man’s beautiful gesture!

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Other celebrities also lauded Muneeb’s endearing post.

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Source: @muneeb_butt/Instagram



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