Mubeen Ul Haq From ‘Bekaar Films' Is Helping The Needy In Karachi During Lockdown & Here's How You Can Be A Part Of It

By Maliha Khan | 20 Apr, 2020

This YouTuber from Bekaar Films is helping folks in Karachi

If you are not already familiar with the name Mubeen ul Haq, let me refresh your memory. Mubeen is the co-mastermind behind Bekaar Films and a hell of a digital content creator. He typically keeps us busy with his videos on YouTube, but recently he has come out with an even more amazing way to keep us busy amongst the COVID-19 pandemic.


YouTuber Mubeen ul Haq of ‘Bekaar Films’ has stepped up to help Karachi based people in need with his amazing new initiative

Mubeen has started a Ration Drive in Karachi and it has already made such a difference.

Hoodie Pehnney ka mouqa chahiye mujheSardi ho ya na ho Outfit by : Epic Touch

Gepostet von Mubeen ul Haq am Samstag, 7. Dezember 2019


While talking to MangoBaaz, Mubeen explained they started this to help out 30-40 families but it has now grown to over 400 families that they’ve helped so far

They initially started on a small scale by providing 30 to 40 families with the necessary groceries and foods needed to live day-to-day. The drive started off around Mubeen’s residence in Lion’s Area, Karachi since he got to see firsthand how people were living and were not able to stock up on rations. Once the word began to spread and more people began to submit requests, Mubeen and his team realized they needed to do more. To this day Mubeen and his team received over 800 requests and they have already been able to provide 400 families with food and necessary rations.

Source: Mubeen ul Haq


The Ration Drive will be an endless effort if family, friends, and the community continue to help and support Mubeen and his team

He has asked people in his personal and professional lives to help him with the effort, as well as requested fans and followers to contact him to provide aid. JDC Foundation in Karachi has also lent a helping hand by donating rations to the cause. He has requested for people to donate rations and money to continue the efforts he has started. He wants to be able to give back to as many people as he can in this time of need.

Source: Mubeen ul Haq


The Bekaar Films YouTuber said that the drive is only taking place in Karachi for now but he hopes people are inspired by his initiative and start a chain reaction

The only way to keep this going is by lending a helping hand. Mubeen states he posts about his efforts and what he is doing to help to inspire others to do the same or to inquire with him as to how they can help. He believes the best way to inspire others is to lead by example.  Most people that have access to this article and Mubeen’s social media live privileged lives. Let’s come together to help the less fortunate who are being greatly affected by this lockdown.


During our conversation, Mubeen pointed out he would like to focus on the people who are having the hardest time during this crisis

A lot of his requests are coming from people who would not typically ask for help openly and simply have no income coming in at this point due to the strict lockdown. He has received the most requests from domestic employees, artists, theater artists, and people who have lost their jobs during this time.  He urges people to do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing and by staying home as much as possible. He promises to help the people who would need to go out to provide their families by giving them the necessary rations they need for a few weeks. Mubeen focused on the fact that Pakistan does not have a great healthcare system and the best way to stay safe and hold onto the few ventilators the country has for the people that absolutely need it.


Recently, Mubeen has been able to acquire a letter of authority to legally disburse rations, as well

Below is a picture of official letter granted to Mubeen.

Source: Mubeen ul Haq


Let’s come together in this time of crisis and need, here’s how you can help be a part of this good cause

We can all do our part by getting inspired by Mubeen’s Ration Drive in Karachi or by helping contribute to it. Mubeen can be contacted on all of his social media accounts. He is open to picking up donations as well as is accepting donation deliveries to him. If you would just like to donate some funds they can be done at the following bank account:

Standard Chartered Bank
Account Title : Mubeen ul Haq
Account Number : 01171665901
IBAN : PK95SCBL0000001171665901
Nursury Branch Shara e Faisal



Cover image via: Mubeen ul Haq

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