Mr. Axcuse Me Has Gone Viral In India And They're Freaking Out Over This Treasure

By Rameeza Ahmad | 23 Mar, 2019

Mr. Axcuse Me about to become the next Mr. Worldwide 


For the last few years, as Pakistanis, we have had to suffer the wrath of Mr. Axcuse on our own.


After he burst on to the scene with his iconic talcum powder ad, Mr. Axcuse Me aka Waseem Hassan Sheikh has been the gift that just keeps on giving


It was solely our burden to shoulder. Every few months, he would release a new ad he had starred in and we would silently suffer but that is not the case anymore.

We no longer have to suffer alone.


Indians appear to have found Mr. Axcuse Me and they’re legit freaking out

An Indian publication just posted Mr. Axcuse Me’s latest advertisement for a restaurant.

Had To Clean My Eyes With Phenyl After Watching This

pls don't :'(

Gepostet von FilterCopy am Mittwoch, 20. März 2019


And Indians are pretty upset at having to witness this ad.

Source: Filtercopy via Facebook


Source: Filtercopy via Facebook


Source: Filtercopy via Facebook


Some are upset at having their favorite song ruined forever.

Source: Filter Copy via Facebook


Honestly, all I have to say to this, is that this is Pakistan’s revenge for Dhinchak Pooja.

Clearly, this is 6th generation warfare.

And a question a few people asked was why there were two women in the ad.

Source: Filtercopy via Facebook

Were both the models his significant others? Was the other woman his sister-in-law to be or just a friend? AXCUSE ME, WE HAVE QUESTIONS!


But apart from the general cringe level, people seemed to enjoy the ad

And of course, the love for biryani is definitely found on both sides of the border.

Source: Filtercopy via Facebook

I think we can all agree that there is truly no one in the world of marketing as unique as Mr. Axcuse Me. And now he has a bigger audience that will be looking forward to what he has to offer next.


The Folks From Kit Kat Telcum Powder Are Back With a New Commercial

Mr. Axcuse Me Is Back And This Might Be His Most Epic Work of Art



Cover Image Via: Hassan Studio 1 / Facebook

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